Body of indigenist Bruno Pereira arrives in Recife; Funeral and cremation take place on Friday | Pernambuco

The body of indigenist Bruno Araújo Pereira arrived in Recife on the night of this Thursday (23) in a Federal Police jet. The aircraft prefix PR-PFN landed at 18:36, at Guararapes/Gilberto Freyre International Airport, in the South Zone of the city. The aircraft left Brasília and had a stop in Rio de Janeiro, where it left the body of the English journalist Dom Phillips( see video above).

Bruno Pereira and Dom Phiilps were killed while in the Amazon, working in areas of isolated indigenous peoples. The case had great international repercussion.

On Thursday night, after the plane arrived, the car of a funeral home went to the airport runway. Employees took the coffin and took it to the cemetery, in Greater Recife. No relatives of Bruno Pereira were at the terminal to receive the remains.

Seven federal police officers and the expert from the National Institute of Criminalistics, in Brasília, who worked on the case, Mariana Correia Martinez Bandeira, were on the flight plane.

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The bodies of Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips were released to the families by the Federal Police this Thursday, after the completion of forensic examinations. Bruno and Dom disappeared on June 5, while on a trip to the indigenous land of Vale do Javari (AM).

A funeral home car received the coffin with the body of Bruno Pereira, who arrived by plane in Recife — Photo: Priscilla Aguiar/g1

After being found on June 15, the bodies were taken to Brasília the following day. According to the Federal Police, it was possible to confirm that the material analyzed belongs to the victims. Four suspects involved in the crime are in custody.

The wake and cremation of indigenist Bruno Pereira will take place on Friday (24), at the Morada da Paz Cemetery, in the municipality of Paulista, in Greater Recife. The wake is expected to begin at 9 am, in the Central Wake Room, and the body must be cremated at 3 pm.

The plane that brought the choir of the indigenist Bruno Pereira arrived in Recife at 18:36 this Thursday (23) — Photo: Priscila Aguiar/g1

According to family members, Bruno was Catholic, but throughout his career he became a man of the people, especially indigenous peoples. They informed that at the wake, which will be open, there will be a Catholic ceremony, but that any religious manifestation that takes place will be respected.

The coffin, according to family members, should be covered with symbols of some of the indigenist’s loves, such as the flags of Pernambuco and Sport Clube do Recife.

Indigenist Bruno da Cunha Araújo Pereira in a file image — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The cemetery has provided a website for people to send messages and prayers. A few hours after the link was released, the page already had dozens of messages from friends and strangers to Bruno Pereira and his family.

“Bruno, your voice will continue to echo in defense of the Amazon and indigenous peoples. Go in peace. It was a privilege to meet you. My condolences to the family”, wrote Juliana Holanda.

“To Bruno’s family, wife and children, my most sincere condolences. I didn’t know him personally, but I really admire his work as an indigenist. I also work for the cause and he will always be a reference and inspiration. We will fight for justice until the end. Rest in peace !”, declared Leticia Osorio.

According to the Federal Police, the medical-legal examination carried out by the experts pointed out that Bruno Pereira’s death “was caused by thoracoabdominal and cranial trauma by firearm shots with typical hunting ammunition, with multiple bullets, which caused injuries in the chest. /abdomen (2 shots) and face/skull (1 shot)”.

Already “the death of Bishop Phillips was caused by thoracoabdominal trauma by firing a firearm with typical hunting ammunition, with multiple balins, causing injuries mainly located in the abdominal and thoracic region (1 shot)”.

Bruno and Dom traveled to Vale do Javari, between the cities of Atalaia do Norte and Guajará, on the triple border between Brazil, Peru and Colombia, when they disappeared.

The area has 8.5 million hectares demarcated, being the second largest indigenous land in the country – the first is the Yanomami, with 9.4 million hectares.

According to the Federal Police, the pair were chased by illegal fishermen and murdered. The victims would have been shot dead and the bodies quartered and buried.

Three men were arrested on suspicion of participation in the crime and, this Thursday, a man presented himself at a police station in downtown São Paulo informing the police that he participated in the murders.

Indigenist Bruno Pereira with classmates during his school days in Recife — Photo: Courtesy

Son of Paraíba, Bruno Pereira was from Pernambuco, born in Recife, and was 41 years old. He left Pernambuco in the 2000s to work in the Amazon. He has held several positions at the National Indian Foundation (Funai) over the last decade.

Bruno went through the regional coordination of Vale do Javari, exactly in the region where he disappeared during an expedition earlier this month. He is survived by his wife, anthropologist Beatriz Matos, and three children.

Bruno Pereira is considered one of the greatest experts on isolated peoples in Brazil. The indigenist even studied journalism at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) and would participate in a film inspired by his work.

On June 16, the Pernambuco native received honors for his trajectory in defense of indigenous peoples. According to family members, Bruno loved Pernambuco, the culture, carnival and Sport Club do Recife.

He loved the soccer team so much that he even called on his cell phone via satellite to find out the results of the games when he was at Funai’s bases, where there is no communication.

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