Bolsonaro defends Milton Ribeiro, but says he exaggerated when he said he put ‘face on fire’ for him | Policy

Ribeiro was arrested by the Federal Police this Wednesday (22). He was released this Thursday, by decision of the judge Ney Bello, of the Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region. He is investigated for passive corruption, administrative law, influence peddling, malfeasance and alleged involvement in a fraudulent scheme to release funds from the Ministry of Education.

“I said I put my face in the fire. I exaggerated. But I put my hand in the fire for Milton”, declared Bolsonaro, in a live broadcast via social network, from Caruaru (PE), where he traveled to participate in the June party. of Saint John. “I still believe in Milton. If anything comes up, answer for your actions,” he said. For the president, Ribeiro “shouldn’t even have been arrested”.

Bolsonaro played down the conversation with mayors in which Ribeiro said he would prioritize a request from the president to allocate ministry funds to municipalities appointed by Pastor Gilmar Santos.

“It was to give him a moral [para o pastor]. Nothing much”, said the president in the “live”.

President Jair Bolsonaro during a ‘live’ in which he said he exaggerated when he said he put his ‘face on fire’ for former minister Milton Ribeiro. ‘But I put my hand in the fire for him’, he declared — Photo: Reproduction / YouTube

The investigation of the case involves an audio released in March in which the then minister says that, at the request of Bolsonaro, he released funds from the Ministry of Education on the recommendation of pastors Gilmar Santos and Arilton Moura. The pastors were also arrested this Wednesday (22), as part of the PF operation called Acesso Pago, and released this Thursday.

In the “live”, Bolsonaro attributed the Federal Police investigation to an initiative of the then minister himself.

“Last year, what did Minister Milton do? He came to me and said: ‘Look, I went to CGU [Controladoria-Geral da União] talk to minister Wagner [Rosário] so that I could keep an eye on these two colleagues, who are acting suspiciously in the ministry.’ And the CGU began to investigate the guy, at the request of Minister Milton. The PF took the CGU report and started investigating,” Bolsonaro said.

“He investigated, and the matter went to the lower court judge in Brasília because as soon as there was a conversation in which he spoke publicly, he said to several people: ‘Look, we serve all mayors, regardless of party. appointed by pastor tal’. It was to give him a moral. No big deal. Due to this video, Milton asked to leave”, he added.

Bolsonaro's statements before and after Milton Ribeiro's arrest

Bolsonaro’s statements before and after Milton Ribeiro’s arrest

Ribeiro and the pastors were arrested based on a decision by Judge Renato Borelli, of the 15th Federal Court of Brasília. The magistrate determined the measure because he understood that, if released, they could pose risks to investigations into the MEC scandal. However, this Thursday (23), judge Ney Bello, from the Federal Regional Court of the First Region (TRF-1), overturned the decision and ordered the release of the investigated.

The magistrate argued that Milton Ribeiro is no longer part of the government and that the facts investigated are not current, therefore, for him, the arrest is not justified. Therefore, the judge determined that the arrest should be converted into a precautionary measure.

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