Can you still find a good car for up to R$20,000?

if you need one new car, but you are not willing to spend a real fortune, know that there are car options of up to R$ 20 thousand. Remember that 0 km cars do not cost less than R$64,000 for the simplest and cheapest model.

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Car up to R$20,000: see 5 good options

1 – Renault Symbol 2009

For those looking for a car up to R$20,000, Renault’s Symbol sedan is one of the best options on the market. In this case, it is the 2009 model, 1.6, flex and that offers up to 95 hp of power. The transmission is a 5-speed manual.

2 – Toyota Corolla SEF 2004

One of the top-of-the-line cars of its time that can be found at an affordable price today is the 2004 Toyota Corolla SEF. The engine is a 1.8 liter engine with an incredible 136 hp, with torque of 17.44 kgfm. In this case the transmission is automatic and has 4 gears.

3 – Fiat Palio 2004

Fiat Palio is one of the popular most sought after cars to date by used car buyers. The 2004 model features a good rating and an economical 1.0-litre, 65-hp, gasoline-powered engine. The most complete version offers air conditioning, electric trio and electric mirrors.

4 – Ford Ka 2012

Eternally called “Kazinho”, the 2012 Ford Ka only sins for being a 2-door vehicle. However, it is very economical and presents a satisfactory power for a 1.0 engine, with 73 hp. The resale is very good and maintenance does not usually cause headaches.

5 – Fiat Uno Mille 2011

The Uno Mille is one of the most popular cars of all time in Brazil. The 2011 version is one of the most recent of the little Mille. The car has an electric trio and air conditioning. The highlight is the great economy and cheap maintenance added to high durability.

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