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The psychic says that Pat’s partner (Paolla Oliveira) is in danger, and the danger is related to her.

Remember the scene where Moa found a photo of Clarice at the actress’s house

Moa sees a photo of Andréa with Clarice at the actress's house

Moa sees a photo of Andréa with Clarice at the actress’s house

“In his profession, his paths are protected. This letter here shows that the danger comes from something that does not belong to him”, reveals the seer.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, a psychic tells Andrea Pratini (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho) that Moa (Marcelo Serrado) is in danger being by her side — Photo: TV Globo

She sees in the letters that their lives have intersected in a complicated way and that she is not able to decipher:

“You met at work, but he already knew about you. The only thing I could read is that this man is in danger. And this is related to you, or he wouldn’t show up in your game.”

The scenes will air in this Thursday’s chapter, 6/23, of Cara e Coragem.

23 June


Anita deletes several photos of Clarice with Samuel. Regina tells Ângelo to disappear with Samuel do Rio. Renan changes the order of presentations, and Lou becomes insecure. Angelo tells Regina that his mother, Dagmar, is not in good health. She doesn’t care about the news. Danilo tries to convince Vini to put Leonardo in the presidency of SG. Joca despairs when he learns that Nadir intends to go to Pat’s performance with Lou in the dance company. Olivia gives Joca an ultimatum. Lou and Pat’s presentation at the auction is a success. Jarbas tells Ítalo that Paulo and Marcela are involved in Clarice’s case. Moa informs Pat that Andrea has asked the director for a stunt double to replace her. Samuel finds Regina talking to Angelo.

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