Catarina gives Petruchio a herd as a gift

In the next chapters of O Cravo e a Rosa, it’s Christmas and Catarina has everyone prepare a special supper. The jaguar will send Petruchio to bathe and get dressed. The farmer will complain a lot. She’ll tell him that she’ll have Neca bring him a tub of hot water for the bath and that he won’t be long. After getting ready, Calixto will help him and the man will reach the room.

Catarina will put her hat in front of her eyes and drag her out of the house, with everyone behind to see what was going on. The woman will show you some cows tied to the gate and tell you that she bought them as a Christmas present for him. The brucutu will ask since when does she understand cows and she will answer that she asked Calixto for help, he chose them.

The man will want to know where she got the money from. She will tell you that she sold her car and with that money they bought the herd. He’ll tell you that if she liked the car, she shouldn’t have sold it. Neca will send everyone inside to leave the couple alone. Petruchio will say that he should thank him, but he remains suspicious of his wife’s intentions. She will ask you to go talk to her father so her husband can believe her.

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