Check out 4 tips to help kids sleep better

Several scientific studies have shown that sleep is essential for the development and maintenance of health mental and physical. Scientists in Germany discovered that to sleep consolidates what is learned throughout the day, transforming information into active knowledge.

However, some children show signs of difficulty sleeping. So, see in this article some tips on how to make children sleep better.

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Learn how to get kids to get good quality sleep

Despite the numerous known benefits such as better mental performance, memory, immunity, weight regulation and blood pressure, the challenges of getting enough sleep are numerous, especially for children. According to experts, establishing a sleep routine from the early years of the child brings benefits for the rest of their lives. That’s because, establishing routines for children in which they will have to slow down, brings greater security, because they know what to expect.

1. Routine

A regular routine, such as starting bedtime preparations at the same time each night, encourages good sleep habits. So keeping a schedule for showering, having breakfast and going to bed helps children understand the daily routine and adjust more easily.

2. Relaxation before bed

It is essential to encourage relaxation for children before going to bed. For older women, you can include a quiet conversation about the day and then spend some time alone before the lights go out. For younger children, reading a calm, pleasant story can help calm her down.

3. Regular hours

It is essential that the schedule includes sleeping and waking hours. This helps keep your child’s biological clock on a regular schedule, making day-to-day activities easier, as well as improving their performance during the week.

4. Security

If your child is afraid to go to bed or stay in the crib, you can praise and reward him as long as he is brave. Also, it’s worth avoiding TV shows, movies, and computer games that are too violent. If the child is still afraid of the dark, for example, it may be better to leave some light, such as a lamp.

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