Citroën electric quadricycle sold out in less than 18 min

In December of last year, Citroën had positive feedback regarding its My Ami Buggy electric quadricycle concept and decided to produce a definitive version of the model limited to 50 units.

So, on the last June 15th, My Ami Buggy was presented to the public and, on the 21st, its sales started. And they didn’t last long.

According to Citroën, 1800 people showed practically instant interest in purchasing the quadricycle and all copies were sold in less than 20 minutes – more precisely in 17 minutes and 28 seconds. Orders were placed through the French brand’s website.


The My Ami Buggy is a variation of the standard Ami and its differences are in the canvas roof that can be reversed – giving it a convertible feel – and in the metal tubes that replace the doors – giving the feeling of freedom. It was built that way because the target audience chosen by Citroën is one that seeks a “mobility solution that combines freedom, pleasure and a spirit of adventure.” That’s why the My Ami Buggy is ideal for recreational use in different environments, such as the countryside or beaches.

Other features that make the electric quadricycle unique are the Khaki color of the 100% recyclable bodywork, 14” steel wheels with gold paint and exclusive hubcaps. Inside, it comes with bright yellow accents and a numbered plate. The example is still equipped by the 8 hp electric motor, with the small 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery allowing a range of 70 km.

The 50 My Ami Buggy are due to be delivered to their respective owners by the second half of August. The entire lot was destined for France, however, the website carscoops does not rule out the possibility of a new batch of special editions for other markets such as the United Kingdom, especially considering that the Citroën Ami is available in 9 countries.

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