Corolla Cross and Toyota’s disrespect for the consumer

This Monday, the 20th, the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon), an agency of the Ministry of Justice, notified Toyota. She wants to investigate the possible inferior quality of the Corolla Cross sold in Brazil in relation to the same model in other countries.

What caught Senacon’s attention were the various accusations in the press. I spared no criticism of Toyota, and also consumers, in relation to this SUV already dubbed the “Corolla Cross Credo”.


Senacon started by painting the rear of the exhaust, the muffler that appeared too much, it was very ugly, Toyota decided to camouflage it by painting it matte black. But he made a gambiarra like a backyard. Painted only half backwards. Just imagine, to save a few pennies on ink. And what’s worse, poor quality paint, the paint started to peel off with little time on this 2023 version of the Corolla Cross.

But if Senacon will investigate Toyota for inferior quality. This half-painted damper is the smallest and least serious of the Corolla Cross’s problems. That’s because Toyota, when launching this SUV, lied to the press, said that the project is the same for all countries.

cross without multilink

What nothing! Do you think there in the United States has half-painted mufflers? He barely appears, he’s behind the bumper. It’s another project. But even worse is the rear suspension. There in the United States it is multilink, multi-arm, which gives more stability to the vehicle. Here in Brazil, the Corolla sedan has multilink, multi-arms.

In the Corolla Cross, to save a few bucks, they put a torsion axle. A simple solution that harms the safety and stability of the SUV, which needs a multilink suspension more than the sedan, because the SUV is taller.

Plus, do you know what the Corolla Cross parking brake looks like? I’m tired of commenting. Pedal operated by the left foot, as it was used in the last century in several automobiles.

And there in the United States? Oh! In the United States, the situation is different. It’s a command, a little electric button that activates this parking brake.

Plus, do you want a real Cross? There in the United States it has all-wheel drive, that’s right, 4×4. Here, of course, it doesn’t.

Corolla accelerated alone

But Toyota is time and time again to challenge the market. Because we accused the Japanese in 2010 of refusing to recall the Corolla produced here in Brazil with spontaneous acceleration, the car suddenly accelerated by itself.

The same problem happened in the United States, where there was a recall for millions of Toyota units, including a case of death by accident with this spontaneous acceleration.

In Brazil she refused to make this recall and claimed that the accelerator system was different, that this problem did not exist here. Well, we did interviews with Corolla owners who had this problem.

Toyota continued to refuse to recall. She was called by the Minas Gerais Public Ministry to explain herself. It was not explained and was prohibited from selling the Corolla in the state until the recall was made.

He continued to deny himself, defied justice. Then Toyota was called by the DPDC. Senacon, at the time, had this name: Department of Consumer Protection and Defense in Brasília, of the Ministry of Justice.

They gave Toyota the message: “If you don’t do the recall, Toyota is banned from selling the Corolla nationwide.” Then she decided to recall.

I cannot understand what goes through the heads of the directors of Toyota in Brazil, a brand that is number one in the manufacture of automobiles in the world and that became famous and relevant for the quality of its products. Why this disrespect to our consumer, to the Brazilian market? Will she ever respect him?

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