‘Cowards’: ALMG president criticizes blank votes for Hulk tribute

Atl striker Hulk
Debate over Atltico’s Hulk generated disagreement in the Minas Gerais Assembly (photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press)

The session that authorized the granting of the title of honorary citizen of Minas Gerais to striker Hulk, from Atltico, was marked by a heated exchange in the Legislative Assembly, this Thursday (23/6). Fifty-three state legislators voted in favor of the honor. Although the plenary panel of the House did not register manifestations contrary to the idea, three parliamentarians opted for a blank vote. They were called “cowards” by the president of the Assembly, Agostinho Patrus (PSD), who criticized the option for null instead of “no”. The blank vote was the path chosen by Bart (PL), Laura Serrano and Guilherme da Cunha, both from Novo. Although he did not mention the names of his colleagues, Agostinho showed irritation with the trio’s posture. Bart, despite his affiliation to the PL, was in Novo until last year, when he was expelled.

Annoyed, Agostinho made a speech asking God for “forgiveness” for the attitude of his colleagues who contested projects for the officialization of tributes to personalities.

“Forgive those who, by not voting and not knowing the yes or no, vote blank. White because they are cowards, white because they don’t have the courage to put their faces here. In this plenary, we vote openly so that the population can see the vote of each one. And some vote white, they cower. If you are against the bill, vote against it. Don’t go up to the plenary to vote blank”, he said.

The speech by the pessist was made after Laura Serrano took the rostrum to question the series of honorary citizenships and declarations of relevant cultural interest to parties and places voted on today by the Assembly. She assured that the complaint was not related to Hulk – whom she praised for the services rendered to the Rooster.

“These are projects that, in practice, affect almost nothing or very little of the citizen’s life,” he protested. Then, in a note, the deputy from Novo justified the option by annulling the vote. “I vote blank because honors are not priorities for miners. Parliament needs to prioritize what improves people’s lives – and not spend time and resources on ineffective things”.

During the dissonance, Agostinho stated that there are parliamentarians who base their actions solely on the search for resource savings.

“Forgive those who (think that) life is restricted to money, two reais this way or that. Forgive the ignorant, Lord. Forgive those who understand that public administration, that the management of people, that care as human being, is restricted to two reais”, pinned.

This order denied

While Agostinho was speaking, Laura Serrano even asked for a point of order to answer her colleague, but the request was not granted due to regimental issues.

“In three years of mandate, I saved more than R$ 8 million, money returned in effective improvements for the miners”, she said, after the session.

Guilherme da Cunha, in turn, stated that there is “inversion of priorities” and defended attention to texts such as the one authorizing Minas to join the Tax Recovery Regime (RRF), seen by Romeu Zema’s team (Novo) as a solution to renegotiate the state’s debt with the Union — which exceeds R$ 152 billion.

“My blank vote in the honors is a protest against this inversion of priorities. You don’t need to have the courage to honor the Hulk. This is very easy. You need to have the courage to vote on the measures that will fight privileges and solve the people’s problems. I want to vote, but that are never put on the agenda by the President of the Assembly.”

Sought after, Bart said he was not affected by Augustine’s words.

ALMG president wants Hulk in the selection

The idea of ​​honoring Hulk came from Ulysses Gomes, from PT. For Galo, the striker has scored 57 goals in 95 matches. Yesterday, in a duel against Flamengo, for the Copa do Brasil, shirt 7 scored a goal and gave the pass for the winning goal by 2 to 1, made by Ademir.

Last year, with the player from Paraíba, Atltico won the Campeonato Mineiro, the Campeonato Brasileiro and the Copa do Brasil. This year, the team has already won the Supercopa do Brasil and another edition of the state tournament.

After the delivery of the commendation was authorized, Agostinho Patrus celebrated the vote. “Fair and deserved recognition. All that’s missing is the spot in the Brazilian team. Al, Tite! Summon the Hulk!”, he wrote on Twitter.

‘Placa’ to Ronaldo

Two days ago, the Assembly also approved the organization of a ceremony to grant the title of honorary citizen of Minas to Ronaldo Nazrio, former striker and majority shareholder of Cruzeiro – via Sociedade Anima do Futebol (SAF). Laura Serrano, Guilherme da Cunha and Bart also voted against the proposal.

Professor Cleiton (PV), author of the proposal, defended the tribute. “I spend a plate. If that’s the problem, I pay for that plate.”

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