CSA vs Gremio LIVE (1-0) | 06/23/2022

21:587 minutes ago

human wall

25′ Diego Souza delivers a frontal free-kick on the half-moon and the defense blocks it.

21:587 minutes ago

Replacement in CSA

25′ Lourenço leaves and Marco Túlio enters.

9:56 pm 9 minutes ago


23′ Lourenço, midfielder for CSA. He has back pain and receives medical attention.

9:56 pm 9 minutes ago

Marcelo Carne again

22′ Rodrigo Ferreira crosses from the right, Diego Souza heads in the area and Marcelo Carné stretches out to make another providential save.

21:55 10 minutes ago


21′ Gabriel makes an accurate pass to Rodrigo Rodrigues from the left side of the box. Center forward dominates and risks, but misses the target.

21:55 10 minutes ago


16′ Lourenço sprints down the right side completely free and crosses. The defense makes the partial cut and Osvaldo kicks hard and low from the entrance of the area. Gabriel Grando stretches out and avoids the second azulino.

21:5213 minutes ago

Marcelo Carne avoids a draw

13′ Giva Santos fails to enter the area, Lucas Silva dominates and finishes. Marcelo Carné leaves the goal and becomes gigantic. Providential defense.

21:5213 minutes ago

CSA goal

12′ In a rehearsed corner kick, Lourenço receives from Diego Renan on the right and crosses. Geovane rises between Grêmio’s defense and a firm header to open the scoring.

21:51 14 minutes ago

Grando, my son, what is this?

11′ Pedro Geromel retreats to Gabriel Grando. Osvaldo arrives and almost steals the ball from Grêmio’s goalkeeper. The ball went over the goal and did not enter by very little.

21:50 15 minutes ago

lacked strength

8′ Lourenço gets past the marker and takes a risk, but shoots weakly.

21:40 25 minutes ago

First game ending

3′ Lucas Marques receives from Gabriel on the right and crosses low. Lourenço dominates, spins and Grêmio’s defense makes the cut. Gabriel opens up on the left with Diego Renan and the side hits the first over the goal.

21:32 33 minutes ago


Start the game at Trapichão!

21:32 34 minutes ago

All ready

The ball will roll in moments.

21:27 39 minutes ago


21:22 44 minutes ago


Refereeing and players from both teams on the pitch.

21:17 an hour ago


Players from both teams finish their final physical preparation work. The ball will roll within 15 minutes.

21:12 an hour ago

video refereeing

21:07 an hour ago

field refereeing

21:02 an hour ago

Guild reservations

20:57 an hour ago

CSA reservations

20:52 an hour ago

Guild lineup

20:47 an hour ago

CSA Escalation

20:42 an hour ago

Defined teams

20:37 an hour ago

How and where to watch CSA vs Gremio live

In addition to real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the match between CSA vs Grêmio will be broadcast live on the Premiere channel.

20:322 hours ago

When is the CSA vs Grêmio game and how to follow it LIVE

20:272 hours ago


20:222 hours ago


The absences are: Brenno, Kannemann, Léo Gomes, Edilson, Elkeson (muscle injuries), Villasanti and Rodrigues (flu symptoms), Thiago Santos (knee blow), Benítez (knee injury), Ferreira (inguinal hernia).

20:172 hours ago


Roger Machado can go to the field like this: Gabriel Grando; Natã, Geromel and Bruno Alves; Rodrigo Ferreira, Lucas Silva, Bitello and Nicolas (Diogo Barbosa); Janderson, Biel and Diego Souza.

20:12 2 hours ago


The absences are: Didira (suspended), Clayton (knee), Cedric (knee), Ernandes (knee) and Gabriel Tonini (pubalgia).

20:07 2 hours ago


Alberto Valentim should go to the field with: Marcelo Carne; Lucas Marques, Wellington, Lucão and Diego Renan; Geovane, Giva, Lourenço and Gabriel; Oswaldo and Rodrigo Rodrigues.

20:02 2 hours ago


O King Pele Stadium is the stadium located in Alagoas that is used by the CRB and fur CSA. The venue was built in 1970 and has a maximum capacity of 19,105 spectators.

19:572 hours ago


19:522 hours ago


The last time the teams faced each other was at Serie A of Brazilian. O Guild won the last match 2-1 in 2019.

19:472 hours ago


the last game of Guild in the competition was against Sampaio Côrreafor the 13th round of the Brazilian Serie Bat Arena do Gremiowhich finished 2nd to Tricolor Gaucho.

19:422 hours ago


O Guild is in 4th place, with 21 points. The idea of ​​Tricolor Gaucho is the same to stay in the G4 to move up to Serie A again.

19:372 hours ago


the last game of CSA went against the Guaraniat the Golden Earring Stadiumfor the 13th round of the Brazilian Serie B Championship. The match ended in a 0-0 tie.

19:323 hours ago


O CSA is 16th in the Serie B, with 14 points. Azulão wants to distance itself from the relegation zone and get away from the nightmare of C series.

19:273 hours ago


19:22 3 hours ago

Hello fan!

Welcome and welcome to the game of CSA and Guild. From 21:30 (Brasília time), the ball rolls for the 14th round of the Brazilian Championship Serie B 2022

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