Danuza Leão dies this Wednesday; remember tips from your manual ‘for life’

Former model, writer and journalist, Danuza Leão died this Wednesday (22), in Rio, exactly 30 years after launching a different and totally authorial label manual, which spent months on the country’s bestseller list. “This book wants to make life easier for a tribe that works, has money but not much, wants to know things but doesn’t have the time or patience to memorize rules”, explained the author in the preface to “In the Room with Danuza”. O best seller he brought his vision of the world, sometimes controversial, in small chronicles of life in society and tips, lots of tips. We selected 20 of them:


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Never try to steal your friend’s maid, these things are not forgiven.

Treating an older person by you is something that, contrary to all rules, usually makes the heart of an elderly person very happy.

It’s good to always treat people the same. Treating better when you need something and changing the treatment when you no longer need it is a shame. When it happens to me (and it does), I feel terrible, I feel used, it doesn’t feel worse.

Grace and humor should happen instantly, spontaneously. Hence the dread that is, at a table, an anecdote teller. Avoid, avoid. Even if the joke is great.

Don’t force the person to have to ask for what they lent you back. Nothing more embarrassing. What’s more, the careless woman usually makes comments like “what a thing, because of a simple book”. So it is.

Pick your teeth. I shouldn’t even speak, but I will. Not thinking, but not even thinking. Just hidden, locked in the bathroom, light off.

Accept the friend as he is. If his way of being bothers you, walk away. Living together and talking bad, what’s yours?

He painted the neighborhood and began to talk about the lives of others. Bad, naturally. Try not to contribute to the issue to flourish. But since no one is Mother Teresa of Calcutta, you may have one of those irresistible news. Even so, remember: a fact discussed between two people is one thing, but in a circle it has greater weight, it is much more serious. Ferocious matters ignite, it cannot be denied. But don’t get to the point where you’d rather lose your friend than the joke.

Don’t be radical in your opinions. Have the flexibility to change if you hear a better one than you.

Also disagree. If everyone agrees, the matter is dead.

Don’t skimp on praise. If you find a beautiful person, a tasty dish, a cozy home, say it, say it, say it. Give pleasure to others.

Showing erudition is pedantic and unsympathetic. If you’re really cultured, pretend to be just average. Be modest.

When a famous person walks into a party, because they’re rich, powerful, or a star, stay cool. There’s nothing more embarrassing than explicit sex-sucking. Don’t vex me. When you are with these people, don’t keep saying that you know or are friends with A, B or C, to show that you are important too. In fact, if you and yourself, you will never do that.

Are you going to tell a story and feel that, exaggerating, it gets better? Go ahead, without the slightest shame.

When they ask you “Hi, how are you?” don’t gear up with an “Ah, my daughter, with a flu!” and then the details. Above all, do not say the name of the medicines you are taking.

Beware of being overly sincere. Defend the monarchy vehemently, sometimes just to provoke.

These days it is perfectly natural to call a friend, saying: “Let’s have dinner, me, Simão, Antônio, each one pays for his own, do you want to come?” After this first time, it is already established that the accounts with this group will be divided, and there is no more talk about it. But when a rich type friend calls, and invites you, don’t move. It’s income distribution.

In a couple, one of the two is famous and the other not so much. Do not commit the impudence of only paying attention to the famous.

Don’t count the last robbery you were the victim of — no one can take it anymore.

Watch your little finger when holding any cup. Or a glass. If he insists on getting up, use a tape or Superbonder.

Be a good coworker. Offer to break a branch, be loyal to your companions. Never make nasty comments about the company you work for, about your boss. Hallways and drinking fountains have ears. Be careful, job is difficult. And don’t go with the “my boss teases me” story. There has never been a boss who picks on a good employee, who works well and doesn’t make a fuss.

Do a self-criticism and think if this is just an excuse for yourself.

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