Datafolha: 55% say they don’t vote for Bolsonaro at all, against 35% for Lula | Election poll

A survey by the Datafolha institute released this Thursday (23) by the website of the newspaper “Folha de S.Paulo” measured the rejection among the presidential candidates: the survey shows that 55% would not vote at all for Jair Bolsonaro (PL) for president of the Republic; the rejection of Lula (PT) is 35%.

Bolsonaro is most rejected among the unemployed and blacks. Lula, enter businessmen and the richest.

In the previous survey, the president had 54% of rejection and the former president, 33%. The two oscillated upwards within the margin of error.

Rejection of candidates

  • Jair Bolsonaro (PL):55%
  • Squid (PT):35%
  • Ciro Gomes (PDT): 24%
  • General Santos Cruz (PODEMOS):18%
  • Luciano Bivar (UNIÃO BRAZIL): 16%
  • Vera Lucia (PSTU): 16%
  • Sofia Manzano (PCB): 15%
  • Pablo Marçal (PROS):15%
  • Felipe d’Avila (NEW):15%
  • Leonardo Pericles (UP):14%
  • Simone Tebet (MDB):14%
  • André Janones (FORWARD): 14%
  • Would vote for anyone / reject none: 2%
  • Rejects all/would not vote for any: 1%
  • Don’t know: 2%

The survey heard 2,556 people on June 22 and 23 in 181 Brazilian cities. The margin of error is plus or minus two points.

The groups that most reject Bolsonaro are the unemployed (66%), blacks (63%), northeast (62%), students (62%), women (61%), Catholics (61%), young people (60%) and the poorest (60%).

The greatest rejection of Lula occurs among businessmen (61%), the richest (57% among those who earn from 5 to 10 minimum wages and 52% among those who earn more than 10 minimum wages), people with higher education (46%), evangelicals ( 46%), spiritists (46%), residents of the Midwest (43%) and men (41%).

Most and least known candidates

Lula, Bolsonaro and Ciro are the best known among the pre-candidates for the presidency. See below for percentages.

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