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THE Game Brazil 2022 Survey (PGB 2022), consolidated annual survey on the consumption of electronic games in the country, discloses the panel “Brands of the Heart”, updated according to the 9th edition of the study. Through an analysis of more than 280 brands from 19 different sectors, the ranking measures which companies, products and services, from different segments, are best known and used by the electronic game audience in the country.

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“The panel aims to understand the market relevance of a particular brand to its own sector and its relationship with video game players. About this relationship, we analyze how they are best known and, at the same time, which are the most used by the gaming public in Brazil”, says Carlos Silva, partner at Go Gamers.

Developed by the Sioux Group and Go Gamers in partnership with Blend New Research and ESPM, PGB 2022 shows that 74.5% of the population in Brazil plays some type of game, the highest historical mark since the beginning of the study. In addition to playing games, the Brazilian gamer audience also has a consistent consumption behavior, even more when considering that 78.6% have a credit card and that 71.8% invest in various spheres, such as savings (36.3% ), in fixed income (21.5%) and in cryptocurrencies (17%), according to data from the 9th edition of the survey.

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“The PGB panels follow several movements in the gaming market in Brazil, such as the consolidation of smartphones, the rise of women, the evolution of eSports, the consolidation of free-to-play games as a driving force to reach new audiences, among other trends. In this new reading, we capture the players’ relationship with cryptocurrencies and also the knowledge about the metaverse and its impacts on game consumption in general”, adds Silva.



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It is worth noting that the age group of players in Brazil is balanced, being occupied in greater part by the public that is between 20 and 24 years old (25.5%). Next, adolescents aged 16 to 19 represent 17.7%; people aged 25 to 29 represent 13.6%; people aged 30 to 34 represent 12.9% and those aged 35 to 39 represent 11.2% of the public.

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Regarding social class, PGB 2022 shows that the majority of the public is from the middle class (B2, C1 and C2), with 62.7%, while people from class A represent 13.5%, proceeded by the upper middle class. (B1), with 12.3%; and by the base of the pyramid (classes D and E) with 11.6%. Regarding the average family income of the players, the majority (29.1%) declares to have from R$ 2,090.01 to R$ 4,180, provided by people who receive up to R$ 2,090 (27.5%). The public with income from R$4,180.01 to R$10,450 is 26.7%.

See below which are the most known and used/consumed brands by the electronic game audience in Brazil. The segments of means of payment, coffee, beer, alcoholic beverages, food services, clothing and clothing stores, in addition to the separation between savory and sweet snacks, are new at PGB 2022.


• Best-known brand: Nubank (82.2%)

• Most used brand: Nubank (55.4%)


• Best-known brand: Mastercard (90.2%)

• Most used brand: Mastercard (77.1%)


• Best-known brand: PicPay (84.1%)

• Most used brand: PayPal (65.8%)


• Best-known brand: VIVO (83.1%)

• Most used brand: VIVO (44.9%)


• Best-known brand: Coca-Cola (93.9%)

• Most consumed brand: Coca-Cola (81.7%)


• Best-known brand: Red Bull (92.0%)

• Most consumed brand: Red Bull (70.0%)


• Best-known brand: 3 Corações (82.0%)

• Most consumed brand: 3 Corações (56.8%)


• Best-known brand: Brahma (84.1%)

• Most consumed brand: Heineken (56.1%)


• Best-known brand: Johnnie Walker (65.6%)

• Most consumed brand: Smirnoff (45.2%)


• Best-known brand: Doritos (76.2%)

• Most consumed brand: Doritos (56.5%)


• Best-known brand: BIS (76.7%)

• Most consumed brand: BIS (65.0%)


• Best-known brand: McDonald’s (80.8%)

• Most used brand: McDonald’s (64.3%)


• Best-known brand: iFood (90.4%)

• Most used brand: iFood (84.9%)


• Best-known brand: Uber (93.4%)

• Most used brand: Uber (83.8%)


• Best-known brand: O Boticário (87.8%)

• Most used brand: O Boticário (71.2%)


• Best-known brand: Riachuelo (83.3%)

• Most used brand: Renner (56.7%)


• Best-known brand: Nike (87.5%)

• Most used brand: Nike (62.3%)


• Best-known brand: Nike (79.6%)

• Most used brand: Nike (57.8%)


• Best-known brand: FIAT (84.1%)

• Most used brand: Chevrolet (24.5%)

Regarding home video game brands, PGB 2022 shows that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the most popular console, being in possession of 34.1% of Brazilian gamers, followed by Microsoft’s Xbox 360, present in the house of 24.3% of players in Brazil. The favorite platform to play electronic games in the country is the smartphone, with 48.3% of preference, followed by computers, with 23.3% (in the sum of desktops and notebooks), and by home consoles, with 20%. Access the PGB official website for more information and download the free version of the study.

Photo: PGB 2022

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A reference in the study of consumption habits of Brazilian gamers, the Game Brazil Survey (PGB) has existed since 2013, and is developed and produced by the Sioux Group and Go Gamers in partnership with Blend New Research and ESPM. All the research is developed with proprietary questionnaires with a wide coverage and topics that involve the gaming public and its entire ecosystem, in Brazil and Latin America — in key countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Go Gamers is the business unit responsible for the development, production and publication of research annually within the official channels of PGB and Go Gamers.

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