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the display of Belchior – Just a Wild Heartby Natália Dias and Camilo Cavalcanti, as part of the 14th edition of the International Musical Documentary Festival, In-Edit, was highly anticipated by the film’s directors. They longed for the public’s reaction to the audiovisual portrait they printed of one of the most unusual artists in Brazilian music, Antonio Carlos Belchior (1946-2017)with its reflective songs, based on reality, about the fragility of the individual in an uncertain and constantly changing world.

Already shown in other sessions and festivals, the film moved the audience, who applauded in the open stage some passages, especially when Elis Regina sings like our parentson the show Fake Glossyin 1976, one of the great successes of the singer from Ceará who was born in Sobral and came to “Sul Maravilha” in 1971, to try the life of a singer and build the chronicle of the common individual between the sertão and the great urban centers, his desires and their anguish in the search for the “divine human comedy”.

“When we were finishing the film, Natália and I were already thinking about what that moment would be like”, said Cavalcanti. One of the duo’s biggest challenges was knowing how Belchior’s story would be told, given the vast amount of material available (performances, newspaper and magazine articles, films).

“Because we started the film with Belchior still alive, we had many formats and approaches before reaching the final result”, says Natália Dias. According to her, “bringing Belchior in the first person, telling her own story, happened from contact with the vast research that we had been doing for a few years – later worked on by researcher Isabela Mota”.

living work

Belchior said that his music was intended to be autobiographical, contemporary and northeastern at a certain level, since, for him, the artist’s roots are mutable. That’s how he built a work that time has not outdated.

“We are talking about a temporal and very lively work, which continues to echo in the voices of names such as Emicida, Ana Cañas, Gero Camilo, Silvero Pereira himself (who recites Belchior’s lyrics in the film), and others”, says Cavalcanti.

To get to know great artists, it is best to look at their works. That’s what the documentary does. Belchior – Just a Wild Heart leaves aside the controversy about his disappearance and self-exile until April 2017, when he died, to show him complex, singular and brilliant. He made his discursive subject, in his lyrics, what we all live or fail to live.

Belchior – Just a Wild Heart

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