Ex-Menudo claims to have been raped in the group

Singer Angelo Garcia, 46, said he was sexually abused during the time he was part of the boy band Menudo, which was a rage among young people around the world in the 1980s and launched singer Ricky Martin. He was between 11 and 14 years old when he participated in the ensemble, from 1988 to 1990.

In the documentary series “Menudo: Forever Young”, which explores the group’s backstage, Angelo said he was on one occasion taken by a man – whose identity he prefers to keep secret – to a hotel room, where he was encouraged to drink alcohol.

He claims that he lost consciousness after ingesting the drink and, upon waking up, realized that he had suffered sexual violence. “I was naked and bleeding, so I knew I had been penetrated. I had some burn marks on my face. I was very confused and didn’t understand”, reported the musician.

Angelo also assured that this was not the only time he was a victim of sexual abuse. “During my time in Menudo, I was raped several times, and that’s how sexual predators took advantage of me.”

In yet another part of the documentary program, another former member of Menudo, Andy Blázquez, suggests that the band’s manager, Edgardo Díaz, even encouraged them to try anal sex. “I remember Edgardo saying, ‘You know the pleasure you get when you’re pooping? Anal sex is like that.'”

“Menudo: Forever Young” was released today by the streaming platform HBO Max and has, throughout its four episodes, several testimonials from former members and people close to the boy band.

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