family believes that miss died of medical error

The family of Gleycy Correia da Silva, businesswoman and Miss Brasil Continentes Unidos 2018, who died last Monday (20) after complications from tonsillitis surgery, believes there was a medical error and negligence in care. Gleycy was operated on at the end of March by Mário Tadeu Carvalho Fachardo, under his Unimed Plan, at Hospital São João Batista, in Macaé (RJ).

Six days after the surgery, she felt sick, she even vomited blood in the bathroom at home and tried to contact the otorhinolaryngologist: “He didn’t get in touch with her in those six days, he didn’t say anything else, he didn’t try to find out how she was post-op. […] She texted him at 5:30, 5:40 [de domingo], saying that she was very bad, feeling a lot of pain, if there was no other stronger medicine for him to pass to her. He didn’t respond,” says the splash Douglas Souza da Silva, Gleycy’s older brother.

According to Douglas, the sister even reported that she couldn’t eat anything on Sunday, April 3, and didn’t even know if she could brush her teeth. After sending photos to the doctor of the bloody vomiting in the bathroom, Gleycy reportedly pleaded for help as she lost a lot of blood.

“When it was two-thirty in the morning, she texted first her secretary, then him. [Com] the picture of the bathroom at home that she had vomited, two huge pools of blood, and that she was dying and he was supposed to help her”, says the electrician and tradesman.

1 - Reproduction / Instagram @missbrasiloficial - Reproduction / Instagram @missbrasiloficial

Gleycy Correia was Miss Costa do Sol (RJ) CNB 2018 and acclaimed Miss Brazil Continentes Unidos 2018

Image: Reproduction / Instagram @missbrasiloficial

“My father grabbed her, then after five minutes he sends it like this for she, ‘go to the hospital’. She didn’t even say which hospital. He didn’t prepare the team, he didn’t call for nowhere, he did not prepare a doctor from anywhere. Then he said, ‘Oh, go to the hospital’. My dad […] took her to [Hospital] Saint John the Baptist, where she had her first surgery”, says Douglas.

He said that the hospital said it was an emergency case, referring her to Unimed Costa do Sol, where she was hospitalized from April 4 until this Monday (20), when she died.

The report of the IML (Legal Medical Institute) of Macaé (RJ), to which splash had access, indicates five causes of death: pneumonia, cardiorespiratory arrest, hemorrhagic shock, tonsillar artery hemorrhage, and anoxic encephalopathy.

A specialist in head and neck surgery consulted by the report explains that anoxic encephalopathy is characterized by a lack of oxygen and blood in the brain, occurring after a situation of intense bleeding and blockage of air entry to the lung.

Delay in service

According to Douglas, Gleycy arrived at Unimed Costa do Sol at 2:45 am on the first Monday of April, the 4th, and spoke with the doctor who operated on her until 4:08 am, when she went to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). However, according to him, Unimed registered the entry only at 3:41 am. Doctor Mário Tadeu was not in the hospital, and the family believes he was negligent.

“He arrives there after four o’clock in the morning. He arrives, looks at her, orders her to be observed. He took her and left. When he left, he left I don’t know where, I don’t know if he was going home. I don’t know where he was going to go. She started bleeding again and went into cardiac arrest”, recalls Miss. According to him, the doctor took 24 days to contact the family after this episode.

The people who answered her said that it was an ugly scene because blood was squirting on the wall, on the ceiling. They tried to resuscitate her and they didn’t know if she was doing resuscitation or if she was trying to stop the bleeding, the hemorrhage. Since then we asked them [do Unimed Costa do Sol] what happened in her throat and to this day we have no report from the hospital. No report. To this day they don’t say what happened, if the vein broke, if the vein broke. they don’t speak Douglas Souza da Silva, brother of Gleycy Correia, citing possible medical error

“For me, in my point of view, there is an omission of help from him [Mário Tadeu], because shortly after two in the morning until 4 am, he doesn’t prepare a team, he doesn’t prepare anything, he doesn’t let anyone know in the hospital, it takes all this time to get there. Unimed also in the same way, because it arrived there with the photos, [falando] that she had lost all that amount of blood and they don’t put her on the serum, they don’t give her an anticoagulant, they don’t give her anything. […] Leave it until 4 am and little in the morning for observation?” the brother vents.

1 - Lucas Zimbeba/Instagram @gleicycorreia - Lucas Zimbeba/Instagram @gleicycorreia

Gleycy Correia died at age 27 after complications from surgery

Image: Lucas Zimbeba/Instagram @gleicycorreia

The family registered a police report at the Macaé Police Station (RJ) when Gleycy was hospitalized on the 14th of April. Now the police are investigating the death. “According to the 123rd DP (Macaé), investigations are underway to clarify the circumstances of the death”, informed the press office of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro.

splash made contact by telephone with Hospital São João Batista to confirm the surgery on patient Gleycy Correia performed by doctor Mário Tadeu at the hospital at the end of March. Two calls were made around 6:30 pm on Wednesday (22). Hospital reception asked to call during business hours.

The report also tried to talk to the doctor Mário Tadeu through the numbers available on his website to make appointments, and also through his personal phone, but the calls went to voicemail and the messages were not answered until the closing of this article.

Unimed Costa do Sol reported that Gleycy was admitted to the emergency room at dawn on April 4, with recurrent and intense bleeding from the oral cavity.

“She had undergone an elective tonsillectomy surgery in another hospital unit in the city and had been at home for seven days. After initial care, an evaluation was requested from the assistant physician who accompanied the elective surgery and the patient was transferred to the Intensive Care. The condition evolved into an extensive brain injury identified through clinical signs and compatible complementary exams, so the patient remained with artificial mechanical ventilation and all the necessary therapeutic supports throughout the 76 days of hospitalization”, he said in a note. sent.

Unimed Costa do Sol also reiterated that “all efforts were made for the patient’s life and regrets the pain of family and friends at this time of great sadness”.

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