Fátima Bernardes celebrates 10 years ahead of the ‘Encontro’ with a special program


Fátima Bernardes leads the commemoration of 10 years of the creation of the Globo program; next week, she will be replaced by Patrícia Poeta

Fátima Bernardes will be ahead of the program until next week
© Reproduction / GlobeFátima Bernardes will be ahead of the program until next week

This Friday (24th), the program “Encontro” celebrates a decade on the air with a special program filled with emotion. Fátima Bernardes welcomes the band Jota Quest, which also celebrates a milestone: its 25-year career. Owners of classics that have passed through generations, the group guarantees animation and lots of music in the festive atmosphere. In addition, other surprises are in store for the presenter, who celebrates ten years at the helm of the attraction, always with exciting stories and current themes.

“In 2012 I debuted the show dreaming that it would become important, that people would want to see it. But the trajectory of ‘Encontro’ – and that of the entire team with me – exceeded my expectations. In addition to having had the chance to interview incredible artists, from music, theater, cinema, televisionI saw that this program became a space for reflection and discussion of important issues for our country”, highlights Fátima.

Taking stock of what has changed in herself since she created the program ten years ago, the presenter comments: “Today I have a much sharper and more interested look than I ever had. I learned a lot from the people I interviewed, from the experts we brought in to speak, from partners and from the audience, which was always present. Paying attention to these people, listening to the stories they had to tell and turning so many of those stories into the agenda, I would say it’s an upgrade in the human being. For me, this decade of living with the program was extremely enriching,” she says, who bids farewell to the attraction this month to take on a new challenge in the broadcaster’s entertainment with the presentation of ‘The Voice Brasil’.

Marked on the skin

In addition to special guidelines, still in tomorrow’s program, the public will know the result of the experience lived by Fátima Bernardes by participating in the #feitotatuagem project, carried out by photographer Sérgio Santoian together with makeup artist and plastic artist Louise Helène. Words that reflect the morning’s DNA were marked on the presenter’s skin, symbolizing the meaning of attraction in her personal and professional trajectory.

“Living this experience was very exciting, because, in addition to being a beautiful project by Louise and Sergio, having the body painted with words that summarize a little the spirit of the program symbolizes that the ‘Encounter’ will be forever marked in me”, declares Fatima.

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