“Gained strength to leave”; Corinthians receives contact from Europe and can negotiate Mancini’s ‘baby’


The search for the player has advanced in recent weeks and an official proposal can appear at any time.

Photo: Corinthians Agency - Rodrigo Coca
Photo: Corinthians Agency – Rodrigo Coca

O Corinthians adopted an assertive stance in the ball market. Alvinegro president Duilio Monteiro Alves has already openly declared that the Club will not make irresponsible moves in search of reinforcements. However, on the other side of the counter, there are also observations and the São Jorge Park became the target of a European team.

According to Meu Timão, a club from Cyprus, whose name was not revealed, carried out a survey to verify the business condition in order to hire striker Rodrigo Varanda. Currently, the athlete is on loan at Chapecoense, with a contract until the end of 2022.

According to the investigation of the portal that covers the day to day of Timão, the Cypriot club intends to close the loan, however, with the option to buy. The movement for Varanda “gained strength” in recent weeks, but the talks have not yet resulted in an official proposal. It is important to point out that any discussion about Rodrigo Varanda is led by the basic categories of Corinthians, whose directors are Osvaldo Neto and André Figueiredo.

Rodrigo Varanda drew attention in the acclaimed ‘Terrão’ Alvinegro, and was raised to the main team by coach Vagner Mancini, in 2021. He failed to conquer his space among the professionals and ended up on loan to São Bernardo. At the beginning of the year, before heading to Chape, he disputed the Copinha for the Almighty.

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