Gkay tries to fix the look, goes into despair and cries during live

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posted on 6/23/2022 1:04 PM

  (Credit: Playback/Instagram)

(Credit: Playback/Instagram)

This Wednesday (22/06), the influencer Gkay, who recently platinum her eyebrows, decided to go back to being a brunette, but alone. She didn’t want help from a professional, and the comedian opened a live alongside her friend Lucas Rangel and started painting one of her eyebrows with brown paint.

In the bathroom of her mansion, Gkay agreed to receive help from fans who were interacting with her through the comments of the live stream. Trusting them, she followed the netizens’ passes, swiped the product and cleaned the edges with a flexible swab.

However, some followers despaired and told her to take the paint off, claiming that she was not doing it the right way. This made the influencer get alarmed and start screaming next to her friend.

Crying, Gkay tried to remove the product, but failed to see that nothing was coming out, causing her to panic. She kicked herself on the live, screamed, but in the end, she managed to get the paint off. The influencer’s eyebrow was smeared with brown coloring, but it still wasn’t enough to cover all the hairs.

“No, guys. For God’s sake. Guys, seriously. I’m serious”, she asked desperately, when alerted by fans.

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