Goals and best moments Fluminense 2×1 Cruzeiro for the Copa do Brasil | 06/24/2022

20:598 hours ago

Tricolor replacement

49′ – Cano comes out for Pineira

20:588 hours ago


48′ – André receives the card for a hard foul on Adriano

20:568 hours ago


46′ – Six more minutes of play

20:518 hours ago


41′ – William Oliveira receives the card and is out of the return game

20:508 hours ago


40′ – Vitor Leque advances on the left, takes time to decide what to do and is cornered by two defenders

20:468 hours ago

Replacement on Cruise

36′ – Adriano replacing Machado

20:468 hours ago

Changes in Fluminense

20:448 hours ago

nice move

34′ – Luiz Henrique dribbles two markers in the penalty area on the right, but then loses control of the ball that is sent away by the defense

20:408 hours ago

another yellow

30′ – Pedrão is the yellow player of the time

20:378 hours ago


27′ – Samuel Xavier receives the card for delaying the opponent’s counterattack with a foul

20:348 hours ago

In dash!

24′ – André risks from outside the area and the ball slides on the top post!

20:348 hours ago

Replacement on Cruise

20:328 hours ago

In the other game of the night

22′ – Patrick opens the scoring for São Paulo against Palmeiras at Morumbi

20:318 hours ago


20′ – Rômulo receives a free-kick in front of the goal, but André appears to block the shot at the last minute!

20:278 hours ago

expelled gland

17′ – One of Fluminense’s ball boys is expelled from the game for rolling to put the ball back on the field

20:258 hours ago


15′ – Fluminense 21 x 4 Cruzeiro

20:228 hours ago


11′ – Arias starts on the right, invades the area, shoots high and Cano heads free on the second post to swing the nets!!

20:19 8 hours ago

Cruise replacements

9′ – Zé Ivaldo comes out for Pedrão Rafael Santos comes in for Fernando Canesin

20:18 8 hours ago

Pressure from Fluminense

8′ – Home team attacks with intensity in search of another goal

20:148 hours ago

Get out

4′ – Cano receives from Arias at the entrance of the penalty area, makes the turn and hits low. The ball deflects on the way and goes out through the baseline

20:12 9 hours ago


20:11 9 hours ago

second half starts

ball rolls again

19:54 9 hours ago


Fluminense 1×1 Cruzeiro

19:54 9 hours ago


51′ – Lucas Oliveira hits the net with a header on the first post after a corner from the left!!

19:50 9 hours ago


49′ – Coach Paulo Pezzolano receives the card for a complaint too

19:50 9 hours ago

got into trouble

48′ – Edu kept complaining that Fábio had left the penalty area with the ball in his hand

19:49 9 hours ago


47′ – Edu is yellowed for a complaint

19:49 9 hours ago


46′ – Six more minutes in the first half

19:49 9 hours ago


45′ – Ganso crosses from the right, Manoel deflects it with his head on the first post and the ball dies in the left corner of the goal!!

19:449 hours ago

Cast out!

41′ – Referee checks the VAR and changes the yellow for Geovane Jesus to a red one!!

19:41 9 hours ago


39′ – Geovane Jesus is the yellow card for a foul on Nonato

19:369 hours ago


34′ – Fluminense player is down on the field with pain in his left foot

7:35 pm 9 hours ago


32′ – Canesin arrives from behind after a cross from the left, hits first and sends long over the goal

19:329 hours ago


30′ – Zé Ivaldo takes down Arias at the entrance of the Minas Gerais team’s area on the left and takes the yellow card

7:31 pm 9 hours ago

Referee scolded

28′ – Coach Paulo Pezzolano of Tricolor carioca kicks a glass of water in anger and is reprimanded by the referee

19:28 9 hours ago

take off the defense

25′ – Arias advances on the left, reaches the baseline, shoots low behind and the defender removes the danger

19:23 9 hours ago

Not worth!!

21′ – VAR cancels Tricolor’s goal! Arias is caught offside at the start of play. He received a throw on the left and crossed in the area, and then the ball went to Cano.

19:20 9 hours ago


18′ – Cano catches the left in the penalty area on the right and kicks hard to swell the nets!!

19:17 9 hours ago


15′ – Arias pulls Zé Ivaldo to stop the counterattack and receives the card

19:14 9 hours ago

prevented the sequence

12′ – Referee marks a free kick in the middle for Raposa and prevents Edu’s progression in advantage that comes out in front of the goal

19:09 10 hours ago

Luiz Henrique

7′ – This will be the attacker’s last game with the tricolor shirt. He will go to Betis, from Spain.

19:05 10 hours ago

Save Bidu!

3′ – Cruzeiro side takes the ball off the goal line to prevent Fluminense’s goal!

19:02 10 hours ago

Whistle the referee!

Ball rolling at Maracanã!

18:5610 hours ago

Field teams

The national anthem is played

18:3410 hours ago

Cruise lineup

18:3410 hours ago

Tricolor holders

18:14 10 hours ago


At 19 pm, the ball will roll at Maracanã! Stay tuned for details with us!

02:14 a day ago

How and where to watch Fluminense vs Cruzeiro live

In addition to real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the match between Fluminense vs Cruzeiro live will be broadcast by SporTV and Premiere

02:09 a day ago

When is the Fluminense vs Cruzeiro game and how to follow LIVE?

02:04 a day ago

direct confrontation

01:59 a day ago


Referee: André Luiz de Freitas Castro (GO)
Assistants: Bruno Raphael Pires (FIFA-GO) and Fabrício Vilarinho da Silva (FIFA-GO)
Video referee: Daniel Nobre Bins (RS)

01:54 a day ago

Cruise lineup likely

01:49 a day ago

Cruise embezzlement

01:44 a day ago

Probable squad for Tricolor carioca

01:39 a day ago

Fluminense embezzlement

Cris Silva (knee sprain) and Luan Freitas (knee surgery)

01:34 a day ago

round game

Fluminense and Cruzeiro will face each other again for these round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil next day july 12, Tuesday. The game will take place on mineirãoat 9 pm.

01:29 a day ago

Cruise Campaign

01:24 a day ago

Fluminense Campaign

01:19 a day ago


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