Goku finally wears classic Saiyan armor

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However Goku be a Saiyan, the protagonist of Dragon Ball he has never been seen wearing the classic armor of his people – at least, until now. In Chapter 84 of the manga by Dragon Ball Supershortly before his battle against Gashe finally donned the costume.

The moment happens during a conversation with Monaitoin which Goku hears stories about his father, bradock, and is motivated to face Gas for the pride of his people. Monaito, in turn, understands that Goku wants to be more than his father, and manifests the classic armor in him.

Check out the moment below (via ScreenRant):

Goku finally dons the Saiyan armor in Dragon Ball Super #84 [Créditos: Dragon Ball Super/ScreenRant/Reprodução]

If for the public it is curious to see him with the armor after so many decades with his classic orange costume, for Goku it is even stranger. In just seconds, he asks to revert to his normal clothes, and goes into battle wearing his usual attire.

Goku and Vegeta’s battle against Gas begins in Chapter 84 and extends to 85, in which the hero attains a new Ultra Instinct power, and the villain shows off a new teleportation technique.

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