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New Google feature shows air quality (Photo: Playback)

New Google feature shows air quality (Photo: Playback)

O Google added new functionality to your maps app. From now on, you will be able to view air quality scores from the Google Maps screen on Android and iOS devices.

According to the platform, the resource comes to contribute to the improvement of human health, since about 90% of the world’s population breathes polluted air, as highlighted by data from the World Health Organization.

With this, the platform wants to help users decide on hiking or other outdoor activities. The tool indicates the Air Quality Index (AQI), based on data from official bodies.

For now, the tool is only available in the United States, the result of an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency and PurpleAir, which provides these insights to city and state governments across the country.

How to see air quality on Google Maps:

If you are traveling to the United States, you can check the air situation in real time. To do this, simply access Google Maps with an Android or iOS smartphone.

Next, enter the city or region where you are going (New York, for example). Then, click on the layers icon (two overlapping squares), located in the upper right field of the screen. Then select “Air Quality”.

By following these steps, the app will provide up-to-date information about the local weather conditions. The ranking goes from 0 to 400, where the higher, the worse the air quality in the region.

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