Google plans to distribute 500,000 technology courses

To help young people get training in areas with high demand, Google will offer 4 online courses with certificate.

With the objective of helping young people to obtain training in areas with high demand in the market, the Google announced that it will distribute 500 thousand places in courses until 2026. The training areas that will be made available are Information Technology, data analysis, project management and UX design.

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And to contribute to inclusion in the job market, 2,000 of these vacancies will be directed to self-declared transgender people. According to the company, despite some evolution with the transsexual cause in the country, the job market for these people still evolves at a slow pace. “It is estimated that 90% of the trans population in Brazil have the informal market as a source of income and the only possibility of subsistence. There are millions of people who live in a condition of extreme vulnerability due to the lack of a job opportunity”, pondered the company.

According to a note from Google, the vacancies are not just for students, and even those who are not studying can participate in the courses. “The registration and selection process will take place through the CIEE ONE application (100% free platform), and the chosen ones will be accompanied by an exclusive monitoring, which will help them to complete the certifications”, says the company.

The courses were created by Google and are available on the Coursera education platform. According to the company, the four courses together have a workload of around 800 hours and offer certification, which can be used to enter technology jobs, which is a field that is growing more and more.

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