Gusmão arrives with gas at Clube do Remo: “giant club”

Barely 24 hours after his arrival in Belém, coach Gerson Gusmão has already realized how intense it is to experience the work environment at Clube do Remo. With the main objective of guaranteeing the Azulino return to Série B of the Brazilian Championship, in the 2023 season, the newly hired Azulino knows the challenge that he will face in his career.

“I live football a lot, practically 24 hours a day. I arrived yesterday at 11 pm in Belém and the last time I looked at the clock was at 3 am. of athletes. Many of them have a rich history in football. As for those who are not so well known, we have to treat them in the same way. The impression was good. We tried to do a job prioritizing the tactical standard. I like my organized team and we have already detected some things,” he said.

New Remo coach arrives in Belém and reveals anxiety

After leading the first training session with the blue athletes, the new coach of Leão Azul Paraense was officially presented this Thursday morning (23), by president Fábio Bentes, in the press room of the Baenão stadium. After asking for dismissal from Botafogo-PB, due to a quick negotiation with the remist leaders, Gerson Gusmão explained why he preferred to accept the challenge of coming to command the professional squad of Clube do Remo, in Series C.

“I would like to thank president Fábio Bentes and all of the board, for believing in my work and emphasizing that Remo is a gigantic club. Every professional who seeks good things in his life, thinks of working in teams like this. I told the president that the only The Serie C team that would make me change clubs was Remo. Very happy and very aware of what awaits me here, of what it’s like to work at Remo, live intensely. The desire to work is huge. It’s an honor to be able to be in front of Remo “, said.

Gerson Gusmão starts designing Remo targeting Figueirense

Already in the preparation phase for the next challenge of the club from Pará in the national dispute, Gerson Gusmão closely followed the movement of athletes on the lawn of the Baenão stadium, with training in a reduced field, using two teams with 12 athletes each, without the use of goalkeepers. In this way, the coach has already taken his first impressions of the cast aiming at the duel against Figueirense-SC.

“In this first contact, we tried to do a more open work precisely to make it as close as possible to the actions that will be carried out in the game. next challenge and that’s why we decided to work in two periods to be able to have this greater contact with the athletes, and we already expected to see a rich and qualified cast and we will make our contribution where it needs to be adjusted and resolved”, he analyzed.

Already training at Remo, Leandro Carvalho awaits bureaucratic issues

Without winning for two rounds in the competition, Clube do Remo will seek rehabilitation to return to the group of the top eight in the classification in Series C, in the duel that will take place outside Belém, where the team has not presented good performances. With the expectation of putting away once and for all the crisis that surrounds Baenão, Gusmão detailed the way in which the game model of the teams he passes through works.

“Football requires very fast actions. Even in a short time I saw some people who have more experience at the club, and they gave me some information about the athletes’ way of playing. I like a 4-point line. I used three defenders for a few moments, and for That’s why I’m a professional who seeks to explore what the squad has to choose from. I don’t give up two attackers, one center and one speed, but I also use three attackers with a defensive midfielder. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a force in the middle, are situations that I like to work with to give more security”, he concluded.

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