Horoscope: Know what to expect for all signs this Friday the 24th

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One of the most famous star clusters in the sky, the Pleiades (M45) can be seen without binoculars even in cities with a lot of light pollution. With more than 3,000 stars, the cluster is about 400 light-years away, in the constellation of Taurus. In this image, the blue reflection nebulae that surround the cluster’s brightest stars are also evident (Credit: Nasa)

Change is not easy and, most of the time, it is not desired either. However, there are times when change is necessary. This Friday, the 24th, heaven invites us to seek new solutions to old problems, encouraging creativity.

And it’s no use resorting to ready-made phrases, typical of the banalization of self-help in modern times. After all, shouting to the four corners that you need to “think outside the box”, “break limiting beliefs” and “get out of your comfort zone” is very easy. However, making these phrases out of speech and into practice can be much more complex than it seems. But it’s always worth taking advantage of opportunities to make that happen.

THE waning moon, already quite obscured and showing only a thin portion of light, advances with firm steps through the sign of Taurus. In the midst of the domains of the most resistant of animals, the queen of the night has an appointment with Uranus, the planet whose symbolism translates into the turning of the page that life gives. To corroborate the message that it is necessary to change, even at the cost of facing self-imposed resistance, a tension with Saturn, the lord of time cycles, in astrology is added.

The good thing about all this is that the astral is also, on the other hand, giving a good helping hand to those with an open heart to the news, bringing the wave between Mars and Pluto, the flirt of Mercury and Jupiterin addition to the flirting between Venus and Pluto. So, if we can’t avoid a turnaround, at least we can count on some comfort to deal with the new. Not bad for these times with the Sun under the Cancerian lurches.

Crowning this fertile climate to the game of waist to deal with life without losing the roll, the sky also presents us with beauty. All planets visible to the naked eye will be aligned throughout the dawn. Thus, like the goddess whom the Egyptians called nut – or Nuit -, whose arched body shelters all the stars of the night sky, it is as if we were being embraced by the night and its bright spots.

For every star, there is a story to tell. In this universe in which nothing is static, the greatest certainty is that everything changes all the time!

Watch: take the opportunity to see the great concentration of planets throughout the dawn moving from East to West. The first to appear to the East will be Saturnat Capricorn constellation, shortly after 9 pm. After midnight on Saturday, the 25th, we will be able to see Jupiter, in the midst of the constellation of Pisces. In this same stellar set, we will also have Mars, which ascends to the East around 1:30 am. The Waning Moon, with just over 10% of the body lit, arrives in the sky just before 4 am, in the midst of the Constellation of Aries. To finish off the night, Venus – the Morning Star -, appears in the sky after 4:30 am, amidst the Taurus constellationshortly before Mercurywhich ascends to the East, also in the midst of this stellar cluster, around 5:00 am.

Important: you are so much more than your sun sign! So, make better use of the horoscope by also reading the trends for your rising sign, which is essential for you to know. To know the position of all signs, including the ascendant, as well as the planets at the time of your birth, make your FREE ASTRAL MAP!

Learn more about astrology, birth charts and the role of the astrologer in this article.

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Aries: Have a sense of priority, Aries. It’s time to be practical and economical at the same time. In fact, if you want to cut expenses, the time is now.

Bull: Know the right time to act, Taurus. It is important to use your charisma and also your intuition. Just avoid succumbing to inconstancy.

Twins: pay more attention to your sixth sense, Gemini. It is critical that you also connect to your spirituality.

Cancer: be open to diversity and variety of people, Cancer. The sky favors your social life, but you also have to be careful about overexposure.

Lion: Pay attention to your career and take advantage of opportunities to prove yourself, Leo. Just beware of possible exaggerations and inconsistencies.

Virgin: Be open to different opinions, Virgo. By the way, be sure to listen to people older and more experienced than you.

Lb: it is necessary to share intimate issues, overcoming fears and taboos. Take the day also to plan your financial life in the long term.

Scorpion: Use good communication to your advantage, Scorpio. It is important to make allies and also take advantage of the good moment to seduce.

Sagittarius: focus, Sagittarius. It is also important to avoid heavy foods or a routine that penalizes your body.

Capricorn: It’s time to relax and indulge yourself, Capricorn. Be sure to contemplate light and delicious programs in the midst of the day’s commitments.

Aquarium: family matters are in the spotlight, Aquarius. Take the opportunity to invest in something for your home, also encouraging family dialogue.

Fish: the moment favors contacts and intellectual activities, Pisces. Invest in light programs and in the exchange of experiences.

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