How Liberta and Copa do Brasil can win Yuri Alberto to Corinthians

Corinthians is interested in hiring striker Yuri Alberto, from Zenit, from Russia. The board expressed interest, opened negotiations with the athlete’s representatives to sign a loan agreement valid until the middle of 2023 and is willing to pay salaries and gloves, but acts with caution. There is a certain fear of bringing a name at European level and not having the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores on the calendar.

The Corinthian search for a striker has been requested by the coaching staff since the first quarter of this year. After Jô’s contractual termination, coach Vítor Pereira intensified the request for a number 9, and the football board went to the ball market in search of solutions for the squad, which currently only has Júnior Moraes for the position.

Behind the scenes, Corinthians considers the name of Yuri Alberto as the ideal for their needs. The athlete has an international background, fulfills the characteristics requested by Vítor Pereira, fits in Alvinegro’s budget and, above all, is only 21 years old – younger than many of the ‘kids’ in the squad.

The idea is to have a player who brings solutions to the problems of the attack and can handle the sequence of games without the need to take turns each round. In Corinthians’ tight schedule in 2022, the signing would be seen as a great victory behind the scenes.

It is precisely in this context that the dilemma of the alvinegra leadership comes in. Timão is the vice-leader of the Brasileirão and disputes the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores, therefore, with a real possibility of elimination in both competitions, despite the rout imposed on Santos last Wednesday (22), at Neo Química Arena.

In this scenario, Corinthians would only play in Serie A in the next six months. A big signing, from an athlete considered expensive by the standards of Brazilian football, is being studied in the smallest details at CT Joaquim Grava so that the club does not take a step bigger than its leg.

The transfer window for Brazilian football only opens on June 18 and Corinthians does not have the need to close a contract in the coming days. However, there is competition in the international and national market and Timão cannot waste time.

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