Identical twins of Emílio Dantas pose in the same clothes and holding hands

Actor Emílio Dantas records the cute moment of the twin babies

The actor Emílio Dantas delighted to share a beautiful photo of her baby children. He dedicates his profile on a social network just for the beautiful records of his heirs. The artist became a first-time dad in a double dose on January 9, 2022. The date marked the arrival in the world of identical twins, Raul and Roque, who are five months old.

The duplinha multiplied the love in the family, in addition to being the realization of the actress’s motherhood dream Fabiula Nascimento and Emilio.

The acting couple spent nearly a year trying to conceive naturally. As the actress had already frozen her eggs, she and her husband opted to resort to in vitro fertilization (IVF). The long-awaited pregnancy news was revealed by Emílio Dantas in August 2021, on Father’s Day.

Since the birth of their children, the actors have enjoyed every experience with the duo. From the celebrations for each month of life completed, always with a homemade family party, to the classic of dressing the twins, who are identical, with the same clothes!

The famous dad shares monthly on his social network the records of another phase of Roque and Raul’s life. In the most recent publication, he shared a moment of great complicity from the brothers when they were still so small.

In the photo, Fabiula Nascimento’s twins pose with the same outfits, overalls with little monsters prints. To complete the cuteness of the click, the babies are smiling and holding hands!

the publication of Emílio Dantas was much commented on by netizens who could not resist the beauty of the record. “What happiness, what cute little angels”, said a follower. Another fan stated: “How gorgeous!!!!! Wonderful time of life!”. “I can’t stand so much cuteness together,” declared another netizen.

Emílio Dantas' twins pose holding hands

Instagram reproduction Emílio Dantas and Fabiula Nascimento’s twins pose hand in hand

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