iFood has tech scholarships for women and delivery people

Bringing more women into the world of technology is a challenge today. Thinking about it iFood has 200 scholarships. The opportunity also extends to couriers. Registration is now open and is done online.

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There are 120 specific vacancies for black and trans women. The other 80 are exclusive to couriers. The idea is to present a new profession that has good job offers and salaries in the Brazilian market. In addition to remote employment opportunities for companies around the world.

iFood Scholarships

The great differential of the iFood scholarship program is social inclusion. With the affirmative vacancies, the company believes that it will have a great contribution to the insertion of these groups in the technology job market.

According to iFood, the company has invested in training underrepresented groups. The program bears the name of Power Tech. For women, the courses are both back-end and front-end programming. For delivery people, the vacancies are in the beck-end course.

Applications require applicants to complete a form. Those interested in participating in the courses must be over 18 years of age and have completed high school.

To facilitate the monitoring of the courses and allow the participation of people from all over Brazil, the classes will be 100% online, divided between theory and practice.

There are two ways to register. In the case of women, it is through Potência Tech, on the program’s official website until June 27. Deliverers, on the other hand, need to guarantee a spot on the Cubos Academy website. The deadline, in this case, is until July 27. All two iFood scholarship programs are 100% free.

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