In addition to Paulo Gustavo, Ricardo Tozzi says he sends messages to Lady Di and knows where Hitler is currently


Ricardo Tozzi had audio leaked this Thursday (23) where he indicates being a medium and having revelations from the spiritual plane, even involving Paulo Gustavo, Lady Di and Hitler

Ricardo Tozzi says he has information about Lady Di and Hitler
© Reproduction / Instagram @ricardotozzi / Youtube – BBCRicardo Tozzi says he has information about Lady Di and Hitler

This Thursday (23), the public was surprised by the leaked audios of Ricardo Tozzi, an actor known for his soap operas on Globo, talking about his mediumship. The recordings were revealed by columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the portal “EmOff”, and showed that Tozzi came into contact with Paulo Gustavo’s family when the comedian was still hospitalized in Rio de Janeirowith spiritual information for the actor’s family.

In other leaked passages, Tozzi comments on his relationship with other famous people, such as Lady Diana Spencer, known as Lady Di. “My greatest guide is Lady Di’s friend, princess. And I keep texting her, because I love her. And I know the whole story, who killed her, how she killed her, where she is in heaven, what she thinks of everything,” he said.

In the sequence, he stated that Lady Di was killed: “When we get to heaven, things don’t matter at all. Today, Lady Di is not angry with Camila or Charles, the two had her killed. And she is in heaven with her love karma, which was to find Dodi. When Dodi and Diana meet, they can die. Look at karma being fulfilled. Charles and Camila were the ones who ordered the murder and their children know that. Harry, who fought with his father, who can’t stand his father, is because he knows. The other one knows too, but he’s an ass and stays quiet”.

Where is Hitler?

Another passage shows that Tozzi supposedly knows where dictator Adolf Hitler currently lives, who would have already reincarnated on Earth after his death in 1945, in the last days of the Second World War. According to the actor, Hitler is paying for his mistakes in his past life.

I know where Hitler is. He is in Argentina, taking care of children. If Hitler is redeeming himself today, trying to learn and evolve and he is an icon of Satan, that breaks a lot of paradigms”, reported the artist, who is currently away from TV and declined to comment on the audios when sought by the column of journalist.

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