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New statements made by the superintendent of the Federal Police (PF) in Amazonas, Eduardo Fontes, to the National Journalin a report released this Thursday night (23), do not rule out the involvement of a mastermind in the death of indigenist Bruno Pereira and journalist Dom Phillips.

“It is possible to have a mastermind. The investigation is still in progress, but we are investigating everything and we will not leave any investigative line aside and we will investigate in a technical and safe way to say what actually happened and what did not happen” , said the PF/AM delegate.

PF conducts expertise on the boat on which Dom and Bruno were traveling on the day they were murdered

PF conducts expertise on the boat on which Dom and Bruno were traveling on the day they were murdered

On June 17, the PF announced that investigations into the death of Bruno and Dom indicate that there was no mastermind or criminal organization involved in the crime.

The note released by the crisis committee, coordinated by the PF, says that the investigation continues and new arrests may occur, but the investigations “indicate that the executioners acted alone”.

This Thursday morning (23), the experts went to the shed where the speedboat is stored, in Atalaia de Norte. In addition to the hull of the vessel, the engine and gallons of gasoline were analyzed.

The police located the speedboat, on Sunday (19), at the bottom of the Itacoaí River. The vessel was about 20 meters deep, capsized with six sandbags to make it difficult to float, at a distance of 30 meters from the right bank of the river.

Forensics will try to identify traces of blood, dents and gunshot marks on the vessel to retrace the dynamics of the crime. The report must come out within 30 days.

In Brasília, the expertise released the bodies of Bruno and Dom to the family members.

The plane with Dom’s body arrived in Rio de Janeiro in the late afternoon of this Thursday (23). Relatives were waiting. The cremation takes place on Sunday (26).

Bruno’s wake and burial will be on Friday (24), in Paulista, in the metropolitan region of Recife.

4th suspect presents himself to SP police

In São Paulo, Gabriel Pereira Dantas appeared at a police station. He claimed that he participated in the murders, along with Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, his brother Oseney, and Jefferson da Silva Lima, who are currently in prison.

The Justice of São Paulo sent the request for the arrest of the police to be evaluated by the judge responsible for conducting the case, in Atalaia do Norte.

  • Amarildo da Costa Oliveira, known as “Pelado”, confessed to the crime;
  • Oseney da Costa, known as “Dos Santos”, Amarildo’s brother;
  • Jeferson da Silva Lima, the “Pelado da Dinha”, who pointed out to the police the place where the speedboat used by Bruno and Dom was sunk, in the Itaquaí River.

The motive for the crime is still unclear, but the police are investigating whether it is related to illegal fishing and drug trafficking in the region. The second largest indigenous land in the country, Vale do Javari is the scene of typical conflicts in the Amazon: deforestation and the advance of mining.

*With information from Alexandre Hisayasu, from Rede Amazônica

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