Jade Picon talks about the reception of the castmates in Travessia: “I will be able to learn a lot”


New actress talked about the experience of playing with big names

Reproduction: Instagram/Jade Picon
© Reproduction: Instagram/Jade PiconReproduction: Instagram/Jade Picon

About to debut in the new 9pm telenovela, “Crossing”the influencer Jade Picon confided in an interview, how is the relationship with the other actors in the plot, which takes names like Chay Suede, Rodrigo Lombardi, Lucy Alves, Drica Moraes, Rômulo Estrela and others.

The newcomer stated that she was received with great affection by the cast since the first meeting with everyone, which took place this week: “Not just for the cast, but for the entire production since the beginning of the project. I am the youngest of the cast, both in experience and age, but I am treated very well.”, he assured.

Jade reinforced the support of her colleagues and was excited about her new journey: “I feel that whatever I need, I will have support. I made new friends, it’s a new cycle of people for me to live with”, said the interpreter of chiaraa character who will also be a digital influencer.

The young woman also spared no praise for the cast: “I am very happy that my first experience as an actress will be alongside such renowned people, professionals that I admire so much”. Travessia will replace Pantanal and is written by Glória Perez and directed by Mauro Mendonça Filho.

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