João Gomes detonates Sônia Abrão after criticism of Maisa

Singer João Gomes came out in defense of Maisa after the young woman was criticized by Sônia Abrão.

On the “Fofoquei” page on Instagram, the singer commented on the post about the episode and criticized the presenter’s attitude.

“What a boring woman”, commented the phenomenon of the piseiro on the social network. He gained the support of the page’s followers. “That’s it! She defends herself!”, commented an internet user.

João Gomes defends Maisa - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

João Gomes defends Maisa

Image: Playback/Instagram

João Gomes has shown his interest in Maisa several times. Despite not living in a relationship, the proximity between the two has repercussions in the media. Even the song “Dengo”, one of his biggest hits, is dedicated to the former presenter and actress of SBT.

understand the controversy

During the program “A Tarde é Sua” (RedeTV!), on Wednesday (22), presenter Sônia Abrão criticized the possibility of Maisa commanding the global attraction.

“I think Maisa is absurd as an anchor on the ‘Video Show’. With all due respect, I could never see in Maisa everything that people see. I think Maisa is boring, unsympathetic, I don’t think she did well on the show she did. at SBT. This story of just her on the bench won’t last long. If I’m wrong I’ll bite my tongue and I’ll swallow what I’m saying. I don’t think it lasts long”, he opined.

The presenter also said that it would be better for the young woman to work on a closed TV and pointed out the ex-BBB Ana Clara as a good option for the project. “I wouldn’t give Maisa any program. Leave her on pay TV doing a series or a character, leave her there. Now call her to the bench as a program like ‘Video Show’, a program that is going through decades in such a drastic change , I prefer Ana Clara a thousand times”, concluded the journalist.

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