Just today! TudoAzul offers 63% discount on LG 8K 65″ LED TV redemption with points

O All blue has an interesting offer for you who have points in the program and don’t know how to take advantage of them. The program offers the Smart TV LG 65″ 8K NanoCell of 849,929 points by 314,955 points, that is, a 63% discount in the rescue. The offer is exclusive to Clube TudoAzul subscribers, holders of the Azul Itaucard card or customers with status in company.

The ofert

THE Smart TV LED 65″ UHD 8K LG 65NANO96 NanoCell is being sold for 314,955 points at the TudoAzul mall. The product is sold and delivered by Ponto. In our simulation, we used a zip code for the city of São Paulo and nothing was charged for shipping. The offer is valid only today (23) and is limited to two redemptions per CPF.

Note that to redeem the product for the lowest value in points, it is necessary to be a subscriber to the TudoAzul club, as we said at the beginning of the post. It is worth remembering that holders of the Azul Itaucard card or customers with status in the company are also eligible for the biggest discount.

effective cost

We evaluated 314,955 points on TudoAzul for R$6,614, considering the thousand of the program at R$21, as the last promotion that offered a 70% discount on the purchase of points. In the case of this last offer, the program still offered an extra 10% discount for holders of the Blue Itaucard Card, which can make the CPM (cost per thousand points) even lower (in this case, CPM for R$18.90)

In a quick internet search, we found the same TV for R$11,899 at the Ponto itself, or R$9,999 at other retailers such as Casas Bahia.

The Smart TV LED 65″ 8K LG NanoCell

This television has a 65-inch screen, 8K Ultra HD resolution and LG’s Nanocell technology. The technology, which is unique, filters and removes unwanted dull colors, ensuring sharp, vivid images every time. It also has ThinQ AI artificial intelligence, a voice activated interface and has Alexa and Google Assistant built in.


This can be a good alternative to use for those who have points at TudoAzul and does not intend to use them for air rescues. In the offer in question, the program is pricing the thousand at R$31.75, a value much higher than what we usually see.

If you have points with close validity, this can also be an opportunity not to lose them.

To learn more, visit the TudoAzul mall.

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