LATAM CEO says at an event that trade in miles is a cancer in Brazil and the company will do everything to make it difficult

In an event organized by Portal Panrotas, the CEO of LATAM, Jerome Cadier, stated that the miles market in Brazil is a cancer, and that the company will do everything to make it difficult and even eliminate this parallel market.

The CEO is right in part, the rampant commerce as it took place in Brazil really harmed the real users of loyalty programs, but this “cancer” as he referred to was created by the companies themselves.

As of mid-2013, when the first mile brokerage companies began to appear and clearly announce, companies could have united and put up locks to prevent such trade, but what happened was the opposite, some airlines entered into agreements with some companies in secrecy, including selling millions of points at low prices.

The great truth is that, until the pandemic, the airlines did not bother much with this trade, but with the emergence of thousands of courses teaching how to have extra income with miles, many of them sponsored by these miles buying agencies, the business exploded, and precisely at a time when it was “easy” to find availability due to the reduced number of passengers traveling.

Well, the scenario has changed, and today availability is super scarce, and those methods to produce cheap miles and resell them are already putting many people at risk. The good deals are practically gone and availability is no longer available as in the past, and this has given rise to the famous “flexible tickets” that are not flexible at all, we even published an article about it that you can read by clicking here.

The fact is that the airline market is very unbalanced, where the company can do everything and the passenger can do nothing, so when the passenger “finds” something valuable, the airline either modifies or eliminates it in order to always earn more.

The great truth is that the speech of the CEO of LATAM at that moment is a hypocritical speech, as the airline has always had a way of preventing such parallel trade from growing, but it never did so by taking advantage of it in the shadows, and those who work more deeply with it knows exactly that.

Note that on American airlines, any indication of sale cancels your account and without your credit card, they do not even allow you to issue a premium ticket. Their corporate security is one of the most respected sectors of the company, having the power to suspend and even close the loyalty account for suspicious activities.

That old saying is very correct, who wants to do it, who doesn’t want to justify. And that’s what we’re looking at here right now. Is that you? Do you agree with the CEO of LATAM? Do you believe he wants to curb such a parallel market to improve the passenger side? What is your opinion about it?

You can read the report on the event by clicking here.

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