Light atmosphere and ‘fight’ by Giuliano and Du Queiroz for a goal mark the backstage of Corinthians’ rout

Last Wednesday night, Corinthians thrashed Santos 4-0 at Neo Química Arena, in a match valid for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. This Thursday, Timão released the behind-the-scenes video of the triumph in the classic.

The material shows all the party made by Fiel in Itaquera before and after the match, in addition to the “fight” between Giuliano and Du Queiroz to find out who scored Timão’s second goal. The video was not made available by the club, but can be watched on the SCCP Universe app – click here to download.

Before kickoff

The video published by Corinthians shows moments of relaxation for the cast before going to the Neo Química Arena lawn. In the record, it is possible to see Raul Gustavo, Róger Guedes, Matheus Araújo and other players with a light face before the classic at Neo Química Arena. In the stands, while the players warmed up for the match, the crowd followed the same mood.

“Something tells me, inside, that we are going to play a great game today. We are going to enter connected, enter confident, enter competitive in each duel”, affirmed the technician Vítor Pereira, still in the locker room.

In the hallways of the locker rooms, the right-back Fagner also talked to the group before officially going up to the pitch. “Prepared for every situation. If you win, keep playing. If you lose, keep playing. Don’t give up the game! From the first minute! We have 180 minutes to qualify. It won’t be resolved today, but we can take a step important!” said the winger.

Just joy!

Timão secured 3-0 on the scoreboard only in the first stage of the game. Gustavo Mantuan, Giuliano and Raul Gustavo were responsible for the score in the first 45 minutes of play. On the return of the break, the classic saved another goal for one of them. Corinthians shirt 11, Giuliano, was one of the highlights in the confrontation and even closed the rout with the fourth goal.

At the end of the duel, the club recorded the celebration of the players, still on the pitch, after winning their first victory in classics of the year. Matheus Donelli, Gustavo Mantuan and Xavier appear celebrating the victory still inside the four lines.

In the hallways of the locker room, it was Giuliano’s turn to celebrate the great white-and-white match. “Let’s go!” shouted the player.

Captain’s Word!

“Happy at heart for the commitment and dedication of everyone’s commitment. That’s how you win, with a strong group. When one can’t play, the other goes in and does it. We have to be prepared. Celebrate, we’ll be back tomorrow and we have a very important game on Saturday”, stated Cássio.

It is worth remembering that, this Saturday, Corinthians will face Santos again. This time, the Alvinegro Classic is valid for the Brazilian Championship and also takes place at Neo Química Arena. The match is scheduled for 19:00.

Experience vs youth and fight for the second goal

Goal scorers of the match, defender Raul Gustavo and midfielder Giuliano talked to journalist Flávio Ortega, Timão’s communication manager. “It’s worth a goal by accident, isn’t it?”, he asked Giuliano.

“It’s ok! We need to recognize and give glory to God. When God wants to honor someone on earth, he does it the way he did today. Today was my day. So in that ball, the ball deflected into me and went in, the goal was mine” , said shirt 11.

Soon after, Du Queiroz, who was “interrupted” by his teammate in an attempt to score Timão’s second goal, joked that part of the goal was his. “I know that Giuliano passed by saying that the goal was his. It’s a joke, right? Half a goal was mine (laughs)”, said Du.

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