Maraisa, from the country duo Maiara and Maraisa, has an accident while showering in a hotel room and shoots: “sad”


Maraisa went through moments of tension and fear after performing alongside Maiara

Photo: reproduction of Maraisa's official Instagram
Photo: reproduction of Maraisa’s official Instagram

The singer Maraisa, country duo from Maiara, had a big scare last weekend. After the duo’s performance in a show took place on Saturday (18), the country girl arrived at the hotel where they were staying and went to take a shower to rest. And it was at that moment that Maraisa ended up going through moments of tension and a lot of fear..

THE countryman got hurt when a blindex box burst in front of you, causing panic and injury. The fire department was called, and according to the singer, arrived quickly to help her. After the episode, through their social networks, Maraisa reassured his followers, thanked the fans for their affection and told how it all happened.

Second Maraisa it was all a scare, and she also took the opportunity to praise the empathy of the guests present: “On Saturday I had a little shock. I want to first thank the discretion of all the fans who were at the hotel and saw all the movement and didn’t leak the videos. There were people commenting that I was sad and I didn’t answer.”said.

THE singer went on to explain how it all happened: “I went to take a shower after the show and the bathroom stall blew on me.” Then, Maraisa reassured everyone: “But it was just a scare, the fire department arrived very quickly, the doctors attended to me very quickly. I got a little cut here on my wrist”ended the country girl.

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