Maria Bruaca reaches the limit, confesses to an affair with Alcides and shoots Tenório


The character will say everything she feels and will experience a moment of tension with her husband

Image: Reproduction/TV Globo
© Image: Reproduction/TV GloboImage: Reproduction/TV Globo

The next chapters of wetland promise. Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) and Tenorio (Murilo Benicio) will finally have their reckoning, generating a discussion. The confusion will start after the farmer discovers the case of the woman with Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) and, in revenge, take his other family to live there.

This time, in the discussion between the couple, Bruaca will react and say everything that is choking in his throat, assuming that he didn’t just sleep with Alcides, but with Levi (Leandro Lima) as well: “And I tell you more: they are much better than you. All two. Because you’re a crappy man, Tenório. Was always. Always will be!”shoot.

the father of Guta (Julia Dalavia) he will be disgusted with the revelation and will go after the woman, but he will be surprised with a weapon: “You really suck, you vag… You stop being silly. Give me that gun!”, will order. But Bruaca will be unyielding and point the gun at the squatter.

Afraid of what might happen, Tenório will try to reason with the housewife, but the attempt will be in vain, as the housewife will not think twice: “We live a whole life of lying. And now, the moment of truth has arrived! I’m leaving you alone in peace”. The character will shoot, but will not hit the target.

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