Neymar Jr. sends a mocking message after alleged betrayal of Bruna Biancardi: “fake news”


Neymar spoke out about rumors that he would have kissed another woman during a birthday party

Photo: reproduction of Neymar's official Instagram
Photo: reproduction of Neymar’s official Instagram

The PSG player arrived in Brazil recently, but his name is already involved in controversies. This time Neymar allegedly kissed doctor Nathália Castro at the birthday party Vinicius Jrplayer of Brazilian Team It’s from Real Madrid. As Neymar attended the event unaccompanied, rumors of betrayal grew stronger.

At the beginning of this year, Neymar and Bruna Biancardi took over their romantic relationship once and for all that had been taking place in secrecy since August 2021. And so, in the early afternoon of this Thursday (23), the ace spoke on his personal profile of the Instagramand through the stories left a message to the person responsible for disseminating the information.

“Hello fake news. Here for you: lots of sun, lots of peace and lots of love. It cost”, he said as he walked around the outside of his mansion in Guaratiba, west of Rio de Janeiro. Soon after the manifestation of player, the doctor involved in Neymar’s alleged betrayal also broached the subject with his followers. Nathália Castro wrote in their stories of Instagram: “Guys, don’t believe fake news. I didn’t hook up with anyone at the party yesterday.”.

PSG player Neymar and digital influencer Bruna Biancardi, took over their love relationship publicly in January of this year, when they shared a click of the couple with their faces glued on their social networks. At the time, the publication stirred the web for the physical similarity noticed by the public between Bruna Biancardi and Bruna Marquezine, athlete’s ex-girlfriend.

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