Nubank releases account for under 18s

From now on, young people aged between 12 and 17 can have a Nubank account. Find out now how to open it for your child.

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Nubank was born with the aim of transforming the relationship between Brazilians and financial institutions. This interest comes from its name, which came from the junction of the words Nu (naked, naked) + bank, the industry that the creators wanted to innovate. Now, this reinvention is available to anyone under 18.

With the expectation of helping young people and teenagers, the fintech announced on its blog that “from June 2022, some fathers and mothers will be able to request a Nubank account and debit card for their sons and daughters aged 12 to 17”.

Nubank account for under 18s

In this first phase, only some customers will be able to request the opening of an account for their children. According to Nubank, “the intention is to keep listening to our customers to improve this product more and more, and, little by little, give access to more people”.

Also according to Roxinho, this novelty was already an old request from its customers, “we are happy to finally offer it to help young Brazilians start their financial journey”. However, the account will have some limitations in this first phase and will not have:

  • Credit card;
  • Loan;
  • Investment;
  • Other products besides the account and debit card.

Despite these initial absences, the fintech says it will study the need to offer other products to teenagers soon.

How to open a Nubank account for teenagers

If you are already a Nubank customer and want to request the opening of an account for your child, just follow the instructions below:

  • Enter the Nubank app and click on the notice “Now your underage children can have a Nubank account”;
  • Read the information carefully and click “Continue”;
  • Read the privacy policy and click “Continue”
  • Enter your son or daughter’s data: full name, CPF number, email and date of birth;
  • Read the account agreement and click “Accept and finalize”.

Finally, we emphasize that only customers can request the account for their children. Parents who are not yet part of the Nubank community need to open their account first, so that they can apply for the young person’s account.

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