Official! FIFA allows list with 26 squad and 15 players on the bench at the World Cup | international football

according to ge anticipated, FIFA has made it official that the Qatar World Cup, in November and December of this year, will be the first in history for which the teams will be able to take 26 players – instead of the usual 23.

The 32 World Cup coaches will be allowed to take 15 players to the bench – all can be registered for each match and will be available to enter the field during matches. Five substitutions per game will also be allowed, provided they are distributed over three stoppages.

Another change was the size of the provisional list that teams send to FIFA: from 35 to 55 players.

Tite talks with assistants on the reserve bench of the Brazilian team: teams may have 15 reserve players in the World Cup – Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Last week, the international association that regulates the rules of football (IFAB) authorized entities to adopt these rules in the tournaments they organize. FIFA will be the first to implement the measures.

Last year, still because of the effects of the Covid pandemic, Conmebol allowed 28 squads for the Copa America, and UEFA allowed 26 for the Euro. But in the two continental competitions, each coach was only allowed to take 12 substitutes to the bench in each game. Tite, for example, drew just 24 for the 2021 Copa America.

On April 1, at a seminar held in Doha, Qatar, on the eve of the draw for the World Cup groups, FIFA brought together coaches from almost all the teams qualified for the World Cup with the objective of listening to them. Most coaches showed support for the increase in the list to 26 names and for the presence of 15 athletes on the bench.

Also on Thursday, FIFA set the date for its next election for president: March 23, 2023, in Kigali, Rwanda, which will host the annual FIFA Congress.

Gianni Infantino declared himself a candidate for re-election at the last Congress, held in Qatar two months ago. The Swiss-Italian was elected in 2016, for a buffer term after the fall of Sepp Blatter, and was re-elected in 2019. For now he is the only candidate.

Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA — Photo: FIFA

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