On Same Day US Supreme Court Relaxes Gun Access, Senate Passes Restricted Bill

  • By Anthony Zurcher, Bernd Debusmann Jr, Boer Deng
  • BBC News

Americans Can Legally Carry Handguns in Public, Supreme Court Ruling

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Americans Can Legally Carry Handguns in Public, Supreme Court Ruling

Thursday 6/23 was a day of twists and turns in one of the most controversial topics in the United States: guns.

In its most important judgment on the issue in more than a decade, the US Supreme Court struck down a New York law that restricted civilians from carrying guns on the street.

A month after the Texas elementary school massacre, which killed 19 children and prompted Republicans and Democrats in Congress to work together for more restrictive legislation on access to guns in the country, the court resolved to expand gun rights.

And, just a few hours after the Court’s decision was released, the US Senate reacted and passed by 65 votes to 33 a law that prohibits the purchase of weapons by people under 21 years old (currently the minimum age is 18 years old), and limits access to people with a criminal record or a history of mental illness and domestic violence.

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