Partial points out that the dispute of the seventh DR is between Adryana and Albert and Anne and Fr Lanza; vote and opine


The least voted couple leaves the confinement program on Thursday night (23)

Vote in the Power Couple Brasil 6 poll.
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The seventh DR of Power Couple Brazil 6 is set! Adryana and Albert, Anne and Fr Lanza and Brenda and Matheus dispute the viewers’ preference and, as the vote on the reality show is to stay, the couple least liked by the public leaves the mansion. vote for Power Couple Brazil 6 poll.

According to the first part of the website Notícias da TV, the duo Bretheus has 58.92% of favoritism and should not leave the program. With that, the decision must be between Anne and Fr Lanza and Adryana and Albert, who have 26.10% and 14.98%, respectively.

How was the vote

In the Prova dos Casais, Luana and Hadad prevailed and won the much-desired immunity. On the other hand, Albert and Adryana had the worst performance in the dynamic that tested the tune of the confined and fell once again into the hot seat.

Anne and Fr Lanza ended the cycle with the worst balance, R$ 2 thousand, and occupied the second stool. The last vacancy went to Brenda and Matheus, who received five votes from the house. The power of Casal Power did not change the direction of the formation of DR.

Power Couple Brasil Poll 6: Who should stay on the program?

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