PF will investigate complaint of internal interference in Milton Ribeiro prison

In a letter sent to the team of Operação Acesso Pago, Delgado Bruno Calandrini says that a ‘superior decision’ prevented the transfer of a former Minister of Education to Brasília

FREDERICO BRASIL/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTMilton Ribeiro during a press conference
Milton Ribeiro was arrested by the Federal Police on Wednesday, 22, and released this Thursday afternoon.

the federal delegate Bruno Calandriniresponsible for the request for preventive detention of the former Minister of Education Milton Ribeiro, he said in a message sent to colleagues that there was “interference in the conduct of the investigation”. Calandrini says, in the text, that the investigation was hampered due to the different treatment given to the former member of the first rank of the Bolsonaro government. The revelation was made by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo and confirmed by Young pan. “Milton’s transfer to the PF incarceration in SP is a demonstration of interference in the conduct of the investigation, so I claim that I do not have investigative and administrative autonomy to conduct the Police Investigation of this case with independence and institutional security”, reads an excerpt from the letter. . The person responsible for the case involving Milton Ribeiro also claims that a “superior decision” prevented the transfer of the former minister to Brasília. Calandrini also adds that the former MEC holder “was treated with honors that do not exist in law, despite the operational commitment of the Santos team that carried out the capture of Milton Ribeiro, and was guided, by this underwriter, to escort the prisoner to the airport in São Paulo for the trip to Brasília”. “How many prisoners from Santos, until yesterday, were taken to the SR/PF/SP prison?”, asks the delegate.

In a note, the Federal Police (Federal Police) said, in the early afternoon of this Thursday, 23, that an investigation was opened to investigate the alleged interference in the operation. “Considering rumors of possible interference in the execution of Operation Acesso Pago and aiming to guarantee the autonomy and functional independence of the Federal Police Chief, as guaranteed by Law No. of interference, seeking full clarification of the facts”, reads the full text of the communiqué.

As Jovem Pan showed, the PF told the Federal Court that Milton Ribeiro committed a “criminal feat” at the Ministry of Education and gave “prestige” to the work of lobbyist pastors Arilton Moura and Gilmar dos Santos, accused of charging bribes to facilitate the transfer of funds from the portfolio to the municipalities. According to the investigation, there are at least three indications of payment of bribes. One of them was the sale of a vehicle, Kia Sportage, by the ex-minister’s wife, Myriam Ribeiro, to Moura’s daughter, for R$ 60,000, in addition to bank statements that prove transfers by Luciano Freitas Musse, at the time. project manager at the Ministry of Education, to Helder Diego da Silva Bartolomeu, son-in-law of Arilton Moura. Musse and Bartolomeu were also arrested – the duo is suspected of having received bribes within the scheme. In another part of the report, the Federal Police states that Milton Ribeiro “gave the prestige of the federal public administration to the work of Pastors Gilmar and Arilton”.

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