Pikachu laughs at Paysandu’s request for a place in the Selection: “I hope to do it one day” | strength

In 2021, Pikachu gained recognition by being in the Brasileirão team. In 2022, he didn’t stop. There are 38 games for Leão, with 17 goals and eight assists. He is Fortaleza’s top scorer in the season and assured, this Thursday (23), that he is experiencing the best moment in his career.

– It is the most special moment, individually and collectively. For what we did, very important things in 2021, and for my individual numbers. It’s the best moment of my career-she spiked.

And Pikachu’s thoughts go further. Why not dream of more? Up until Paysandu promoted a campaign asking for Yago Pikachu in the Brazilian team: “My calf is ready”. Idol at Papão and currently at Fortaleza, the player is one of Brazil’s top scorers this season. Pikachu was very sincere when commenting on fighting for a spot in the Selection.

– In terms of the Brazilian team, everyone dreams. I spent a similar moment at Vasco, in 2018, I scored a lot of goals, it was the Cup year. Many fans asked. Maybe deep in your heart, it will light up again. First I think about doing my best at Fortaleza. It involves a lot of people in this dream. If things continue the same way, with regularity over the years, I believe it will naturally be a possible call-up. It will be on the side. Can you imagine me going top with a thousand players better than me? Laughs. Leave aside that the competition is less. I hope one day to do it,” he emphasized.

Pikachu spoke about the interest of other clubs – even from outside the country – in signing him. But he assured that the focus is completely on Fortaleza, which disputes Série A do Brasileiro, the round of 16 of the Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil.

Pikachu, Fortaleza vs América-MG — Photo: Thiago Gadelha/SVM

– Since my arrival here and everything we achieved last year, and when I arrived in the championship team (Brazilian in 2021), there was a lot of interest in me going abroad. But I don’t think so at the moment. I had the opportunity to leave in the January window, but I wanted to stay. All the employees treat me with affection, respect, this weighs a lot. I always make it clear, in all the clubs I go to, I want to leave something marked, I want to make history, as it was at Paysandu and Vasco. I feel comfortable here. If the guy comes and wants to pay the fine, we can’t do anything – he joked.

— Photo: Disclosure

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