PM shoots car with nanny and two children during searches after attack in Itajubá

When leaving early this Thursday morning (23) to take two children aged 11 and 6 to school, a nanny from Santa Rita do Sapucaí, in the south of Minas, did not expect that the daily path through a dirt road , amid the fog, would end in a frightening way. The car where the woman was ended up being shot by military police officers who were trying to find criminals who invaded Itajubá late Wednesday night (22).

The police error was reported by the local news site Pouso Alegre Net, which had access to videos recorded by the children’s father and the 11-year-old girl, moments after the car was hit by men from the Military Police (PM).

“The car was coming from that direction, there were no cones. The police were hiding behind a truck and when the car arrived at that time, they shot from there. They didn’t signal to stop or anything, they just shot without asking anything”, said the children’s father in the pictures.

The shot fired ended up hitting the side column of the car, close to the height of the nanny’s head, who ended up suffering injuries caused by the splinters of the vehicle’s glass.

Searched for by the THE TIME, the PM’s press office confirmed what happened, in a note. The corporation claimed that, around 6 am, during a siege and blockade in the Itajubá region, “the military gave a stop order to a truck, which did not comply, and a firearm shot was then carried out, which hit the vehicle”.

“PMMG also clarifies that there were no injuries and that a police report was drawn up on the fact for further investigation by the unit’s command”, concluded the police.

understand the attack

The attack on a Caixa Econômica Federal branch on the night of this Wednesday (22) in Itajubá, in the south of Minas, left at least five injured and already has one person arrested by the police. Lieutenant Colonel Flávio Santiago, head of the Press Office of the Military policesaid that a 33-year-old man was arrested at dawn suspected of involvement with the group.

According to Flávio Santiago, the detained suspect was working as a scout for the criminal gang. “This prisoner will facilitate the work of the investigative police and our corporation, also to make them find where the others are. We can’t encourage now what level of participation, the answer is being given. bring this skein until we can identify them all. We have abandoned cars in the exchange of fire. The sweep will be complete, we won’t rest until we catch these people”, said Santiago.

Police continue to siege and blockade the region.

five injured

Hours after an attack by a gang against a branch of Caixa Econômica Federal, with weapons of war, the Military Police (PM) reported that at least five people were injured in the action. There are four police officers and a city resident. According to Lieutenant Colonel Flávio Santiago, head of the PM’s Press Office, two police officers are in a more serious state of health, but are not at risk of dying. The shooting took place around 11:30 pm on Wednesday (23).

+ Video: Bando invades Itajubá, shoots at PM headquarters and blows up ATM

One of the soldiers has a broken leg, while another was hit by a rifle shot in the arm. The latter undergoes surgery. The lieutenant colonel pointed out that rifle ammunition is capable of transfixing people, obstacles and barriers.

According to him, .50, .556 and 762 rifles were used, weapons used in wars. “Our police officers are prepared, we will achieve success throughout the day,” he said. To the program Bom dia Minas, on TV Globo, Santiago said that the PM retaliated, with certainty, in specific points that they believe that the criminals are murdered in the rural area.

The injured resident was walking through the streets when the gang took his car and left him injured, he was hospitalized, but has since been released.

+ Attack in Itajubá: Bando set fire to car and shot fire truck

Fire truck attack

At the beginning of the robbery at a bank branch in Itajubá, criminals stole a car that was used by an app driver and set it on fire. in the vehicle in front of the Fire Department battalion, in Villa Poddis. The fire brigade is next to the headquarters of the city’s Military Police.

According to military personnel heard by the report, the fire started around 11:30 pm, when the armed group also shot at least twice a truck used to fight fires in the municipality and region.

No firefighters were injured. After the group left, the fire was brought under control by the garrison, which did not respond to other demands related to the assault in the city.

closed agency

the advice of Federal Savings Bank reported late this Thursday morning (23) that it is still waiting for the expertise to assess the damage to the agency that was robbed on the night of this Wednesday (22) in Itajubá, in the south of Minas. After the expert work, the institution will estimate a deadline to reopen the main branch in the city.

When asked about the theft, Caixa stated that “information about criminal events in its units is passed on exclusively to police authorities, and ratifies that it fully cooperates with the investigations of Organs competent bodies”.

If Caixa customers need face-to-face service in the city, they can go to the following nearby units:

  • Serra da Mantiqueira Branch: Av. Captain Gomes, 231, Boa Vista;
  • Central Lotérica: Praça Teodomiro Santiago, 16, Centro;
  • Lotérica São José: Av. Colonel Carneiro Junior, 381, Centro;
  • Dominguinhos Lotteries: Av. São Vicente de Paulo, 3, São Vicente;
  • Lottery Avenue: Rua Maria Carneiro, 369, Boa Vista.

Zema praises PMMG

The governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema (Novo), spoke this Thursday morning (23) about the robbery of a Caixa Econômica bank branch that took place on the night of this Wednesday (22) in Itajubá, in the south of Minas Gerais. . “Criminals here will not have a chance,” said the head of government.

According to Zema, the police acted “again with courage in Itajubá.” “The criminal action left four police officers injured, who are not at risk of life. A bandit is already arrested and the PMMG’s elite troop continues to capture the remaining gang”, he tweeted.

+ Attack in Itajubá: Zema says ‘criminals will not have a chance’ in Minas

Unifei student injured

The only civilian injured in the exchange of fire between criminals and police on the night of this Wednesday (22) during the robbery in Itajubá, in the south of Minas, is a university student who was returning from class and passing by the place of the robbery.

According to Major Layla Brunnela, the car he was in was shot at and he was grazed in the left leg. His health condition is stable, he was hospitalized and has already been discharged.

Also according to the major, who is the spokesperson for the Military Police, there are four police officers injured. One of them undergoes surgery after being shot in the arm by a rifle. Another soldier was also hit by rifle ammunition that transfixed his left shoulder, but did not undergo surgery. None of the injured are in danger of dying.

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