Prosecutor Demétrius Oliveira de Macedo, 34, was arrested at a clinic in Itapecerica da Serra.
Prosecutor Demétrius Oliveira de Macedo, 34, was arrested at a clinic in Itapecerica da Serra.| Photo: Playback/Twitter

The Civil Police arrested on Thursday (23) prosecutor Demétrius Oliveira de Macedo, 34, who earlier this week assaulted his boss, also prosecutor Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros, 39. Macedo was detained in a psychiatric clinic in Itapecerica da Serra, in the metropolitan region of the capital of São Paulo, where he was hospitalized for treatment, according to the delegate responsible for the case. After passing the forensic examination, he must be sent to Registro, in the interior of São Paulo.

The information was also released by the governor of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB), who shared the video of the arrest on his social networks. “May Justice do its part now and use the full weight of the law against him. Woman aggressor goes to jail here in SP. Always report it,” he posted. The arrest of the Public Prosecutor (SP) was decreed on Wednesday (22).

According to the dispatch of delegate Daniel Vaz Rocha, from the 1st Police District of Record, who represented the arrest of the accused in the 1st Criminal Court of the city, the accused “has been having serious relationship problems with women in the work environment, and, in freedom, endangers their lives and, consequently, public order.”

Macedo allegedly assaulted the prosecutor after being the subject of an administrative proceeding due to his conduct in the work environment. The prosecutor told police that he was behaving suspiciously and that he had already been rude to another employee in the sector. Gabriela Barros was attacked by Macedo while working. The action was filmed by city officials. The police investigation launched to investigate the case gathered photos and videos of the attacks, in addition to the testimony of the attorney general, to support the request for preventive detention.

In a note, the Municipality of Registro expressed “the most absolute and profound repudiation of the brutal acts of violence carried out by the municipal prosecutor against the municipal servant who performs the function of attorney general of the municipality”. He has been removed from office and will also respond to an administrative process that could result in his dismissal from the position.