Prosecutor who beat up boss ‘is a ticking time bomb’, says plaintiff

Prosecutor Demétrius Oliveira Macedo, 34, arrested yesterday after assaulting the attorney general of the municipality of Registro (SP), Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros, 39, had already been the subject of complaints from other co-workers in the public office. Among them, intern Thainan Tanaka, who reported the man’s “impolite” treatment officially to her boss – which would have motivated her to ask for the opening of a formal process against the server.

According to the student, Gabriela still tried to talk to Demétrius, but was expelled from the employee’s office, which led her to open an administrative disciplinary process against him for insubordination. For Tanaka, the investigated “never hid” his dissatisfaction with sharing the office with several women.

I lived with him for a year and it was always kind of scary the attitude he had with us. He was always defensive, he didn’t want to know about socializing, he was really cold. He was a person who despised all women in the industry. Countless times I witnessed him turning his face to his own boss (Gabriela) and to the other prosecutors. And from February onwards he started to tease me.
Thainan Tanaka, intern at the City Hall of Registro (SP)

Despite the discomfort with Demetrius’ stance, Thainan says that the complaints against the prosecutor were held back by the lack of “something concrete”. Until the day the employee got annoyed with the way the intern greeted him.

“He embarrassed me because of that, but he was looking for a problem, because I didn’t have any relationship with him, not even work. I don’t know what kind of control he wanted to have, but it bothered me a lot”, she says, who decided to report the episode to the boss.

“As a precaution, I wanted to record this, because I had an intuition that it could worsen (the relationship), so I wanted to record it, to support myself. Dr. Gabi was always supportive, she saw that living with him was making me generating anxiety, so she said she would give me all the support possible, and she really did. As soon as I registered the complaint, she ran to ask for an occupational exam for all of us, to see if there was any psychological condition happening”, he said.

As the exam requested by the attorney general attested that Demétrius was fit for work, Gabriela tried to talk privately with him, reporting the situation with the intern and also a “surprise” visit he made to the boss’s office on Friday ( 5/27).

In conversation sent to universeTanaka tells the prosecutor that the colleague abruptly entered the boss’s office, after normal working hours, looking for her and the intern, who were no longer there.

Gabriela seems frightened by the situation, but assures the employee that she would take measures to resolve the situation, stating that, in the meantime, she would leave the door to her room locked.

There, an alert sounded in my head, that he meant to do harm. Everyone was very confused as to why he was acting like this, he came in after hours looking for Dr Gabi. And I think it was by God she wasn’t there that day. If she were alone, from the video we watched, we already know what she would end up with. I felt like I was working beside a ticking time bomb, just waiting for the reason to explode.

Tanaka says that the situation had a new escalation days before the aggression against Gabriela. When the attorney general decided to go to Demetrius’ office to question why he had come to her office, as reported by another employee.

The man didn’t want to answer the question and kicked the boss out of the room. She requested the initiation of an administrative disciplinary procedure. Gabriela and the employees were informed in advance that the prosecutor would be provisionally suspended from his position, while the process lasted, while still receiving his full salary.

On the same occasion, they also knew that he would be notified about the removal on the second (20), day of the aggression. Tanaka got paid time off, afraid of his colleague’s reaction. Gabriela, on the other hand, ended up being the target of the investigated’s fury, as recorded by cameras installed in the office.

“It was very clear to me that he was about to do something, because he never hid his displeasure at working with a lot of women, especially being headed by one, and unfortunately, this unfortunate episode happened. It hurts me to see the doctor. Gabi went through this while she was doing her own service. It’s very revolting, I admire her a lot for the courage she had “, added the intern.

In an interview with universeGabriela stated that she felt relieved with the decision of the Justice to preventively arrest the suspect.

She said that she believes in the possibility that her colleague will not accept being commanded by women, since he had been showing discontent at work since 2019, when a woman took over as head of the city’s Attorney General – a position until then historically held by men.

Gabriela took office in 2021, being the second woman in charge of the area.

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Call 190 is the emergency number indicated for anyone witnessing a situation of aggression. The Military Police may act immediately and take the aggressor to a police station.

It is also possible to ask for help and get information by calling 180, from the federal government, created for women who are experiencing situations of violence. The Women’s Assistance Center works throughout the country and abroad, 24 hours a day. The call is free.

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