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This column of only six readers received some audios attributed to Ricardo Tozzi, in which the actor reveals a hitherto unknown side: that of mediumship. In the recordings, Tozzi claims to be a medium and even quotes a message that he would have sent to the family of the Paulo Gustavowhen the comedian was still in a coma in the ICU.

“I can’t speak, imagine if this falls on people’s lips. If one day I have to show this side, I’ll have to cancel the other side (as an actor), because it’s not possible. I had a hard time here, because I sent a letter to Paulo Gustavo’s mother, while he was in a coma in the ICU. I sent him a letter because I found his great-grandmother, I found his whole family in heaven. I made a fuss here, me and my guru”, he says, in a phone conversation with a friend.

And he gave more details: “I sent Paulo Gustavo’s mother a huge letter with a lot of information about what was happening, who was helping him, his grandmother, great-grandmother, name, phone number… To convince people who are incredulous, he even sends the phone number he had. It’s crazy!”, Tozzi explained about some of the details he gave to make Paulo Gustavo’s family believe his message.

Tozzi also recalled when information about the spiritual message was leaked to the media. He said he was ‘in a panic’ at the possibility of his mediumship being discovered and accusing him of being another ‘charlatan’. He also revealed that he had passed the message only to the actor’s mother.

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“I don’t know who leaked this shit, because I just told her. And I panicked and said: ‘ok, now it’s a comma to find out that I sent it’. I called her and told her everything. If she told anyone, she must have told me it was me, and that news got out. I said: ‘screw, imagine what is happening in Brazil, the commotion of the whole country is this and they will accuse me of being a charlatan and this and that… I panicked, but thank God it never leaked”, he said.

Faced with this information, the column sought out Ricardo Tozzi, who at first said that his spirituality is a private matter and denied the letter he cites having sent to Paulo Gustavo’s mother. However, we went to find out with a personal friend of the comedian’s family and, in fact, there was a spiritual message that reached the relatives. But the story didn’t happen exactly as Tozzi described.

“I found out about it at the time. This medium (Ricardo Tozzi’s guru) calls Cris. Several people connected to Paulo Gustavo commented on him during hospitalization. That he had messages for the family, that Paulo Gustavo was with his great-grandmother, etc. It wasn’t a letter, it was a message that Ricardo Tozzi passed on to Juju (Ju Amaral – Paulo Gustavo’s sister), about him being with his great-grandmother, he gave an address and stuff. This happened during Paulo’s intubation. But that was all,” the family friend explained to the column.

And after the friend’s confirmation and Ricardo Tozzi’s denial about the story of the letter, we decided to confront the actor by sending him the audios. In the face of the evidence, the answer became different: “This was taken from a conversation about a character, which involved an exercise in improvisation. And the interlocutor with a Portuguese accent was a casting producer”, informed Tozzi via press office.

Tozzi mentions more ‘spiritual revelations’

In the same audios, Ricardo Tozzi quotes information obtained by his ‘guide’ about the death of Princess Diana, from England. “My greatest guide is Lady Di’s friend, princess. And I keep texting her, because I love her. And I know the whole story, who killed her, how she killed her, where she is in heaven, what she thinks of everything,” he began.

Then he said he knew who had the princess killed: “When you get to heaven, things don’t matter at all. Today, Lady Di is not angry with Camila or Charles, they both had her killed. And she is in heaven with her love karma, which was to find Dodi. When Dodi and Diana meet, they can die. She looks at karma being fulfilled. Charles and Camila were the ones who ordered the murder and their children know that. Harry, who fought with his father, who can’t stand his father, is because he knows. The other one knows too, but he’s an ass and he’s quiet,” he commented.

In another passage, he says he knows where Hitler, the Nazi leader, is, whose death was confirmed on April 30, 1945., confined in the bunker of the Berlin Chancellery. “I know where Hitler is. He is in Argentina, taking care of children. If Hitler is redeeming himself today, trying to learn and evolve and he is an icon of Satan, that breaks a lot of paradigms.”

Listen to the audios:

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