Ricardo Tozzi claims to be a medium and says he sent a psychographed letter to Paulo Gustavo’s family; columnist reveals audios attributed to the actor


Actor Ricardo Tozzi had leaked audio where he talks about his mediumship and says he had information about Paulo Gustavo’s deceased family members

Ricardo Tozzi would have sent a letter with spiritual information to Paulo Gustavo's family
© Reproduction / Instagram @ricardotozzireal and @ paulogustavo31Ricardo Tozzi would have sent a letter with spiritual information to Paulo Gustavo’s family

Actor Ricardo Tozzi had a series of alleged audio leaks this Thursday (23) in which he talks about a facet of his that until then would be unknown to the general public that accompanies him: that of mediumship. In the recordings, made available by columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the portal “Em Off”, the artist claims that he sent a message he received from beyond to the family of Paulo Gustavowhen he was still hospitalized last year – the comedian died in May 2021, a victim of covid-19.

“I can’t speak, imagine if this falls on people’s lips. If one day I have to show this side, I’ll have to cancel the other side (as an actor), because it’s not possible. I had a hard time here, because I sent a letter to Paulo Gustavo’s mother, while he was in a coma in the ICU. I sent a letter because I found his great-grandmother, I found his whole family in heaven. I made a fuss here, me and my guru”, says the voice attributed to Tozzi on the recording.

Then he gave more details: “I sent Paulo Gustavo’s mother a huge letter with a lot of information about what was happening, who was helping him, his grandmother, great-grandmother, name, phone number… To convince people who are unbelievers, he even sends the phone number he had. It’s crazy!”

The actor would have recalled about the moment when the spiritual message was released by the press, which did not say at the time who would have been responsible for the psychography. Tozzi said he was “panic” at the possibility of his identity being discovered. “I don’t know who leaked this shit, because I just told her. And I panicked and said: ‘ok, now it’s a comma to find out that I sent it’. I called her and told her everything. If she told anyone, she must have told me it was me, and that news got out. I said: ‘screw, imagine what is happening in Brazil, the commotion of the whole country is this and they will accuse me of being a charlatan and this and that… I panicked but thank God it never leaked”.

Actor’s response

Fábia Oliveira’s column sought out the actor to confirm the veracity of the audios. At first, he stated that the question of his spirituality is a “private matter”., and denied having sent the letter to the comedian’s family. The journalist sought out a personal friend of Tozzi’s to talk about the matter, and he confirmed the story, albeit with different points than those said in the leaked audios.

Oliveira then went back to looking for Tozzi, sending the audios attributed to him. From then on, the actor’s attitude changed: “This was taken from a conversation about a character, which involved an exercise in improvisation. And the speaker with a Portuguese accent was a casting producer,” he said, through his press office.

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