Ryanair unions start strikes in five countries

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As announced by several unions that group Ryanair workers, flights of Europe’s largest low-cost airline will be affected by strike measures from tomorrow, June 24th. The first three days of protests called in Spain by the Union of Workers (USO) and the Independent Union of Airline Passenger Cabin Crew (SITCPLA) will take place between tomorrow and June 26.

The measures will coincide with strike calls for the cabin crew of the company based in Belgium, France, Italy and Portugal. In total, around 2,700 workers will leave activities for periods of 24 hours, reports Aviacionline.

In France, the SNPNC union called a strike for the 25th and 26th of June. In Italy, UILTRASPORTI and FILT-CGIL announced strong measures for June 25th. On the other hand, pilots based in Belgium confirmed the stoppage of activities on the 24th and 26th of June.

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The situation will take place in a context of recovery in the airline industry, driven by the start of the summer travel season. Both ground workers and technical and cabin crews have been complaining since 2019 about better working conditions. Now, given the massive flight schedule and the lack of adaptation of its conditions to this increase in services, the sector considers that the requested improvements are already essential.

Last Monday, an open letter from the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) warned that “the chaos the airline industry will face will only get worse over the summer, and that workers are on edge”. Although the Irish airline is used to complaints of this kind, the situation is exacerbated by current conditions in the air labor market.

The rapid growth experienced after the lifting of the vast majority of restrictions imposed during the pandemic has, in many cases, found workforces reduced by voluntary layoffs and retirements that many companies have implemented as measures to deal with the crisis. There is now a shortage of personnel, both on the ground and in flight, to meet the growing demand.

Faced with ‘air chaos’ in Europe, easyJet crew were also called by their unions to start a strike lasting up to nine days for next month. The reason for the stoppage is the current situation of the negotiation of the II Collective Agreement for the company’s crew.

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